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Dropcam loves Susman Insurance Agency

We are proud to announce that Dropcam is now highlighting our office as a featured Public Cam!  Come on over and see us live, in HD, any time 24/7.  So next time you’re bored and want to see how exciting the life of an insurance agency can be, you can have a look for yourself.  Our office is also now showing up as a default camera when downloading the iPhone application.  We are currently taking a survey to see if we should enable the sound of our camera or not.  What do you think?  Leave a comment below.

Needs a new home

The good people up at the Not LA Ranch rescued this beautiful German Shepard last night.  Thank goodness they got to her before the Coyotes had a chance to have an early supper.  After trying all of the neighbors and the Vet to see if she has a Chip, the good people at the Linda Blair Foundation have taken her under their wing until we can find a home for her.  She has long brown and tan hair, about a year and a half old and smart.  She is housebroken, barking to go out when she has to go.  She knows come, stay, sit, and responds very well to everyone that has been around her.  Here are some photos of her:



Please pass along to friends and family.  You can contact any of the staff at Susman Insurance Agency if you are interested.  Thanks again!

Los Angeles area cult?

According to ABC News, and I quote –
Authorities say five adults and eight children from a “cult-like” group from the Palmdale area have been reported missing by their families.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officials said the group disappeared Saturday and left behind evidence that they were awaiting the rapture or some catastrophic event.

“They left behind a significant amount of personal belonging and written notes,” sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore told members of the media.

Sheriff’s Cpt. Mike Parker said the husb ands of two of the missing adults from the group was asked to keep a purse, and inside it found identification, personal papers and letters suggesting the group was awaiting the end of the world.

Parker says the group’s leader, Reyna Chicas of Palmdale, is among the missing.

“It is an offshoot of a religious group, but not affiliated with anybody,” Whitmore said. “It’s a group of religious beliefs in and of itself.”

Whitmore said it does not look like they’re planning a trip.

The children, six boys and two girls, rage in age from 3 to 17.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Earthquake hits Malibu

Several small earthquakes have been felt by residents in Malibu over the last few hours.  According to the USGS, a 4.0 quake hit in the Channel Isl ands region at 10:42PM last night, followed by a 2.2 magnitude at 7:22am this morning.  No damage has been reported.  Good time to check in with your insurance agent and be sure your Earthquake Insurance is in effect!

Obama in Los Angeles

President Obama made a trip through Brentwood today.  Well, a really fast trip in that.  The streets were closed down in a several mile radius in all directions surrounding the area he would pass through.  Helicopters flew overhead.  People waited, and waited.  Here is the few minute video of the preparation and the actual drive through of the President of the United States.