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Texting While Driving more laws

About everyone has heard about the dangers of texting while driving. Cell phone companies and online educational sites are even creating cool infographics with statistical data about these dangers. Although many data sources have varying report results, it’s agreed that people have a 23-percent greater chance to be in a car crash due to texting. Because of these statistics, and other disturbing results, many states are passing various laws to ban drivers from texting.

Laws vary from state to state. Some states are placing bans on all drivers, while other states only ban teen drivers. Also, some states require that the driver can only be given a ticket for texting while driving if they were pulled over for a different driving offense. While law enforcement is taking strides to reduce the number of distracted drivers using cell phones and sending text messages, it comes to public awareness that can prevent accidents and fatalities.

The more people who are aware of the law and national reports regarding the dangers of texting and driving, the more people will think twice of using the cell phone in the car. Hopefully, this awareness will save lives.