Flooding – Keeping thoses gutters and drains clear


Flooding – Keeping thoses gutters and drains clear

Insurance claims from damage from flooding, cold and stormy conditions during the summer months have soared. 60% of current home insurance claims are related to bad weather conditions. Home owners are being warned that not only do they need to prepare their home by checking trees, gutters, drains and roofs, but they must make sure they are in a position to cover any damages by being adequately insured.

The overwhelming majority of household policies provide cover in respect of flood, however, it is necessary to check your policy to make sure this is so. Simple steps can be taken to prepare a property for the worst that the weather can bring. Built up leaves, seeds, dirt and other debris that has run down your roof and into your gutter can lead to a blockage in the system which in turn can lead to major problems. The good news is most of these blockages can be easily cleared, but it must be done often, ideally at the beginning of winter to clear leaves that have fallen during autumn and summer since high rainfall appears to be on the increase in most parts of the UK.

No matter what type of guttering you have, the troughs will need clearing. It is not a particularly difficult job, but it is essential if you wish to avoid problems further down the line such as water damage and serious outbreaks of dry rot.

Headed Out West

Many people have called insurance the necessary evil. No one wants to pay for insurance, but everyone has to. Whether you are speaking about medical insurance or automobile insurance, insurance is quite necessary. If you don’t think so, stop making your premium payments on your medical insurance, and then take a trip to the doctor’s office. Please don’t look surprised when the receptionist asks for more than your usual $10.00 co-pay.

Yes, we all need insurance. I don’t think anyone needs insurance more than the people that live in the state of California. California is an insurance haven. There is earthquake related insurance. There is fire insurance (this is very necessary because at some point in your life in California a brush fire is going to threaten your home).

In California you need travel insurance because nothing is close in proximity. If you live in Los Angeles you will needed health insurance because the smog is going to get you.

While on the subject of Los Angeles we might as well discuss auto insurance, because no one there can drive, but everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere. While on the subject of traffic I have to pose a rhetorical question: How is it that the 2nd largest city in America has road construction going on constantly, but the traffic never improves. This is just a little something that boggles my mind.

I hate to keep picking on Los Angeles, but Santa Monica doesn’t register on the insurance Richter scale like Los Angeles. With that being said, if you live anywhere near South Central Los Angeles, you will need life insurance. Don’t be surprised if the premiums are a little higher than normal. You will soon find out why.

Back to earthquakes; why in the world are people literally making plans on retiring to a state in which the ground moves; frequently! No, really, the ground moves! Maybe, I am not being clear enough, the ground moves. In fact, if I was out there I would need extra health insurance because I would be consumed with postulating when the state will fall into the ocean. Who makes predictions like that anyway? Imagine, you are watching the news and the weather guy says, “Today we have sunny skies and no chance of rain. You can expect the high to be around 92, and by the way, look for the state to total fall off into the ocean. Are you kidding me?

How many parents couldn’t get their kids to go to school after something like that?

The truth is that California is an awesome state and next to San Francisco, Los Angeles is my favorite city to visit there, but even in a gorgeous state like California things happen. No, no one wants to give a company money on a just in case scenario, but the alternative is definitely not a good one.

So, we will have to learn how to fork over the cash and smile, because when that accident happens or that surgery is needed, we will be thinking, “Man, I am so glad I got this insurance.” It is always better to be safe than it is to be sorry.

Take a photo with your phone if you are in a car accident

In the old days, a car accident often came down to your word against the other driver’s, unless of course, you had a credible witness or a camera. Of course, if you could talk the other driver into waiting around for half an hour while you run home to get your camera and come back to take the pictures that prove that the whole thing was his fault, you would be fine, too. Nowadays, things are quite a bit easier.

Just about everybody carries a cell phone these days, and just about every cell phone has a camera.This is great news, since the National Association of Insurance Commissioners recommends in their consumers guide that one of the first things you should do when you’re involved in an accident is to take a picture of the accident scene. Obviously, with a cell phone, that’s pretty easy. If you’re really good, you can take a picture and text it to your insurance agent instantly. Even if your tech savvy is limited to taking the picture and having your kid print it when you get home, using your phone to take a photo when you’re in a car accident is always a good idea.

Do Not Let Cancer Keep You From A Life Insurance Policy

There is no news so devastating as the doctor giving the diagnosis of leukemia, Liver cancer or lung cancer. You make an appointment to speak with your doctor about the awful fatigue and shortness of breath. After the doctor reviews you chest x-ray and blood work he drops the bomb, “You have stage two lung cancer.” You then give yourself a death wish. You immediately remember you have no life insurance.

Two months pass and you continue your chemotherapy. You are doing well with some lung improvement seen. However, there has been no improvement in your endeavors to purchase a life insurance policy. Once this terminal diagnosis was written into your medical record, you are told it is doubtful you can get a life insurance policy. With a lung cancer diagnosis, it has put you into a high-risk health category. This same would be true for liver cancer and leukemia.

Don't let cancer prevent you from getting the life insurance you need.
Don’t let cancer prevent you from getting the life insurance you need.

Eight more months pass and so has all indications of the lung cancer found nearly one year before. The doctor is calling you a cancer survivor, however, life insurance companies you have called still see you as a high risk.

Never let a life insurance tell you, you can never get life Insurance due to a medical history of lung cancer. There are numerous life insurance companies who will structure a life insurance policy around your needs and budget. Remember that life insurance is available for everyone regardless of past or present medical history.

Remember that with new technologies in the medical arena many people are fighting cancer diagnoses and are winning the battle. You can also win the battle for just the right life insurance policy at the right budget.

I save money on my home insurance by having a burglar alarm

Burglar Alarms save money on Home InsuranceYou want to know something simple and easy? I save money on my home insurance by having a burglar alarm.

At first I thought it was a little weird but then I considered the fact that I can save on my car insurance if I have theft protection, and can save on my homeowners’ insurance if I have a fire alarm. Then I remembered I could save on life and health insurance because I quit smoking.

Wow, I had an epiphany. My behavior was having an effect on my insurance premiums! This meant I could spend a little money short term and save money long term. It is kind of like buying a energy efficient vehicle. Sure, I could be paying more for a new car, but how much money would I save on gas over a few years?

Not only do I experience insurance premiums savings, but I have better peace of mind for me and my family. That’s right, I’m proud of it. I save money on my home insurance by having a burglar alarm and it provides better security for my family. What can I say…I’m frugal.

Up the Deductible, Lower the Premium

Insurance is one of those things you pay for, in the hopes you never need it. Whether it’s for your car, your home or your apartment’s belongings, the protection insurance offers brings you peace of mind.

However, that peace of mind comes with a price, and sometimes that price can be…well, pricey.

Every insurance company offers discounts to help you offset the costs, such as a good driver discount or combining you auto insurance with your home or renters insurance. But there is something else you can do to drop your premiums: up your deductible. The higher your deductible, the less you will pay in premiums.

Simple tip - raise your deductible!
Simple tip – raise your deductible!

Now, don’t go crazy and choose a $2,500 deductible if you can’t afford to pay it if you ever need to file a claim. Having an unafforadable deductible defeats the purpose of having insurance. So, if you choose a higher deductible, either set aside the deductible in a savings account just in case. Then if you need to file a claim, you can pull the money from the account. Bonus: you can keep the interest accrued.

So, up your deductible and save some cash, and save some cash to pay your deductible.

Yes, It Can Wait!

We’ve all seen people doing crazy things while they’re driving. We’ve seen makeup applied, coffee sipped, s andwiches eaten, even clothes being changed, all while someone is maneuvering a three-ton vehicle down a road at 65 miles-per-hour. It would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous.

But those things pale in comparison to watching someone trying to talk or text on a cell phone while driving. It doesn’t matter how many multi-tasking championship belts you’ve won, no one can effectively text and drive while tooling down the 405 without putting other people at risk.

No one.

The right car insurance can make all the difference if you have a claim.
The right car insurance can make all the difference if you have a claim.

The stats don’t lie. Check out these nuggets:

Distractions caused by drivers using h and-held devices make them 4 times more likely to be in an injury-causing accident.

Using a cell phone while driving lowers the brain activity used for driving by 37 percent.

Sending or receiving a texts requires a driver to take his eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds. This means that at 55 miles-per-hour, a person can drive the length of a football field and never look at the road.

In short, using a cell phone while driving makes you deaf, dumb and blind. So just drive, will ya?

People drive drunk so I carry auto insurance

Did you ever get behind somebody on the road who looks like they’re seeing a whole different road than you are? Maybe they’re going too slow, stopping r andomly or weaving to avoid imaginary elephants in the road. In any case, you might be seeing a drunk driver–a rolling reminder of why we need auto insurance.

According to the Drinking anddriving.org, there are 900,000 drunk driving arrests each year. Those are just the ones who actually get caught–imagine how many other drunken yahoos are out there evading the police and looking to smash up your beautiful new ride?

Do not drive drunk.
Do not drive drunk.

Unfortunately, the same sort of person who lacks the good judgment to have a designated driver when they go on their drinking tour of the east coast is usually the same sort of person who thinks that liability insurance is for suckers. This means that when one of these drunken clowns runs into you, you’d better have good coverage on your vehicle, including uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, or else you may find yourself paying for your car repairs out of pocket. For me, as long as people drive drunk, I’m going to carry plenty of auto insurance.

Life Insurance is Magic

I think life insurance is pure magic. I bought life insurance for myself several years ago so I could better protect my family in the event that I should die. Some life insurances do not have an accumulation of cash benefit and others do. I have been paying into my life insurance policy for some time now, and when I need extra money, there it is, just like magic.

I knew that after I have had the policy for a while, I could make a loan against this life insurance policy. The money from my life insurance policy is there when I need it. I do have to pay back the funds I borrow or I will get less when I really need the policy.

• Funds for a new home

• Funds for home repairs

• Funds for the kids for college

• Funds for emergency medical bills

• Funds to pay off the home

• Funds for a trip

Life Insurance is like magic.  One minute there is no money the next there can be a TON of it!
Life Insurance is like magic. One minute there is no money the next there can be a TON of it!

The extra funds from my life insurance policy show up just like magic to take care of immediate needs. Life insurance policies are not just for the end of life. A life insurance policy can protect you when you need extra cash.

Just like magic, it is there to pay for the end of life expenses.

Why I love insurance

If you have bought a new car or a new home in the past few months and have had some kind of damage happen to it, then you know the love that some have for insurance. An insurance policy is deigned to help repair your belongings if they are ever damaged in an accident or storm. Below are some other reasons why insurance is a great thing to own.

The Benefits of Insurance

  • Insurance covers medical costs for people to visit the doctor. It can also help pay for the expensive procedures that come up from time to time.
  • The policy can pay for damages to your car or help replace the car if it is ever totaled.
  • The premiums you pay go into a larger pool of money that is held until you have a claim. It is like a savings account.
  • It can help cover the costs associated with the end of life. Things that can be covered are funeral costs, burial costs, hospital bills and many other expensive details.

An insurance policy only makes sense when you consider what it can do for you. Some things in life are very expensive and if you are not prepared the expenses can set you back financially for many years. Take the time and go over your life situation and make sure that everything is covered the way it should be.