The Exciting Life of an Agent

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The Exciting Life of an Agent

When people think of insurance, they think of a stuffy office with an agent who sits at a desk and does nothing more than take their money and fill out an endless barrage of forms full of legal terms no one underst ands. In some cases, that may be true, but there are some agents who prefer not to confine themselves to the office. They underst and how important it is to meet the people they serve and interact with them in their own environment. Customers appreciate that and are more likely to buy from an agent who is willing to meet with them on their terms.

Residents who live in Southern California and along the coastline live diverse lifestyles. No matter where they go, agents are bound to see something they will not see anywhere else. Insurance agents are likely to encounter just about anything they can imagine over the span of their career.

Small surf shops to Beverly Hills boutiques, people from every walk of life need insurance of some type. Homeowner’s, auto, life and commercial, an insurance agent has to meet the needs of the people they serve even if that means meeting them at home or wherever it’s convenient. A beach side meeting with a client can offer a beautiful view, as well as a few hours of much needed sunshine and relaxation.

An agent who is willing to help a busy livestock rancher by meeting them at home will be more of an asset than one that makes him leave his duties. The farm is his job and it has to be treated like any other place of employment. An insurance agent that is ready to pay him a visit and share that wonderful "country air" is more likely to earn the man’s respect than one who takes offense to it.

California is a never ending kaleidoscope of individuality. One day an agent could be meeting with an up and coming actor, while the next day they may be called to file a claim for someone who was involved in an accident in the suburbs. With such a vast amount of diversity, it’s to the agent’s benefit to keep track shoes close at h and. The environment can be just as diverse as an agent’s clientele.

An agent must be adaptable to their surroundings. People want to be able to trust the agent they choose. Agents who can maintain a mixture of complete professionalism and a down to earth personality will do well when working with clients from all walks of life. Unless an agent specializes and chooses to cater to only a select group of individuals, their client base can include individuals from professional athletes to pig farmers.

For agents who like the thrill of meeting new people, a diverse clientele allows them to experience a wide range of personalities. They aren’t confined to the normal 9 to 5 grind and can work in an environment that is constantly changing and providing new opportunities. An agent life doesn’t have to be boring. It can be as exciting as they want it to be.