Fixer Upper

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Fixer Upper

Looking to spend a portion of your summer vacation making improvements and updates to your home?  While  you are going to incur additional expenses regardless, there are many ways you can make inexpensive renovations to your kitchen.

1. Reorganize! Drawers, cupboards, and counter space – they could all use some good organization and clean-up. It is free and decluttering always helps relieve stress!

2. Update! Give your kitchen walls an instant update with a fresh coat of paint or adding some nice framed photos and artwork.

3. Shop for the best deal and replace your oven hood with a shiny new one! This can make a huge difference in your kitchen.

4. While you are at it, replace your old faucets with shiny new ones as well.

5.  Invest in some lamps, new light fixture, or better light bulbs.

6.  Sometimes replacing knobs and h andles make a bigger impact the replacing the cabinetry all together.  You can opt for a cheaper version and re-staining the cabinets for a new look.

7. Update the backsplash by creating a new one or using adhesive tiles over your existing one to create a new design.

Just remember – whether it is a small update or a complete remodel overhaul, make sure you speak to your insurance agent and update your home owners policy.  You don’t want all your hard work to be unprotected!