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I have about a 30+ mile commute to work. I know, for many people, the commute is much longer.
I have no choice but to take the highway – a highway that only has a few exits between my home and the office. That means if there is a car accident or road construction, I am stuck in st andstill traffic for what feels like an eternity before I can even attempt to find another option. It sucks. What makes it worse in the number of AWFUL car accidents I witness each week.
Recently I had a major scare. It was easily the closest I have come in a long time to getting in a serious car accident.

I watched a pick-up truck cut across two lanes of highway traffic, barely miss the front of a semi-truck, and hit the side of another vehicle, which made them both spin out and l and in the median. The car in front of me almost hit the semi-truck when trying to stop and as I pumped my brakes, the car behind me squealed off to the shoulder to avoid rear-ending my car. The car that got hit by the pick-up truck was in the median, but its front end was sticking out on the highway. I was only about a foot away from hitting that car. It all happened in a flash and was nothing short of scary. My heart was racing and my h ands shaking. This was the fast version of the story, but an event that had a major impact on me. This is another situation where in just a quick moment, EVERYTHING can change.

It is SO important to be as prepared as possible. Stop procrastinating and contact us today. You NEED a good car insurance. You need health insurance. You need a life insurance policy and you NEED it NOW!