Do Zombies Need Insurance?

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Do Zombies Need Insurance?

Imagine living in a place swarming with zombies—no… a world of zombies (just go with it!). Governments have fallen, CDC is at a loss, the world’s armies have been decimated, and the human race is outnumbered. The only thing that is still operational just so happens to be portions of your city and local businesses, including your insurance agent AND your life insurance policy. Crazy, right?! This means that money still is of value, but not for long. If the news reports are anything to go off of, the horde should be descending upon your home in just a few weeks’ time. You’ve managed to keep your family safe and secluded, but the little piece of utopia you’ve managed to steal won’t last forever. Your family doesn’t know this, but you’ve been bitten. You have only a couple days until you succumb to the fever and lose yourself to the monster that is inside of you, and you have yet to say your goodbyes.

However, you have a plan. Your life insurance policy is valid and can protect and assist your family in their lives during the apocalypse after you have passed. Once you die, they will receive the payout you negotiated with the company you entrusted your legacy to, and they will be able to use that money to purchase guns and ammunition, medical supplies, non-perishable food, drinking water, and various other necessities for during the great zombie war.

You’ve done your part, but you can’t help but think about how differently things would’ve gone down had you not invested in life insurance.