Don’t Laugh, You Do It Too!

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Don’t Laugh, You Do It Too!

I’m generally not in the habit of paying for something I can’t see, feel, hear, read, eat, wear, etc. But that’s exactly what I’m doing and the really strange part about it is that I continue to do it each month! Is there something wrong with me? Who in their right mind would do such a thing? I’ll tell you who – any person with a driver’s license (although there are some that try to get around this requirement – but that’s another story). The big bad word here? Insurance. Yep, that’s the culprit – the idea of our getting a policy on the chance that something "might" happen. So, if that holds true, should I go out and buy a new bathing suit just in case someone invites me on a cruise to the Bahamas? Should I get a new dress in case there is a wedding invitation in the works? No, I buy something when the situation calls for it, not when I think it just might happen.

Insurance is one of the few things we are forced to buy whether we need it or not. It’s an odd concept, this buying something "just in case." It’s similar to when we buy any kind of appliance or electronic gadget and the salesman asks if you want to purchase the extended warranty. You then think to yourself, "Am I buying such an inferior product that I am going to use it?"

Oh sure, it’s great to have when you need it. There’s no denying that. But just think for a minute, and add up all the money you have spent on insurance premiums over the years. Wow, money out the window! Don’t get me wrong – I feel secure when I am out on the road and I see all these other clowns who think they can drive. It is a good feeling to know I am protected should one of them do something crazy.

I remember when I visited California and l anded at LAX. The sun was shining so bright and it was a glorious day. I decided once I got settled, it would be the perfect time for a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway. I had always heard how scenic it is and wanted to find out for myself.

Once in my rental car, I began my voyage into unknown but exquisitely beautiful territory. The only shameful part was that I wanted to keep stopping to take pictures of the incredible views in this part of the country. I would never reach my destination at this rate. With its steep drop-offs and no guardrails, this is driving to pay attention to! But as I approached one particularly dangerous curve in the road, I noticed the red and blue flashing lights and slowed down to see a crash of two cars obviously going too fast for their own good. I slowly passed the accident scene but thought it would be in poor taste to yell out, "Hey, I hope you threw your money out the window too!" Judging by the vehicle damage, I hope they did!