Car Insurance – How can you lower your premiums?


Car Insurance – How can you lower your premiums?

Many factors influence the premium for your Motor insurance policy. Your insurer will have asked you many questions whilst producing your quote – some of which will affect your premium and some will not. Below we discuss the key variables that are within the policyholder’s control.

Consolidating policies

By insuring a number of vehicles with the same insurer, or by trying to take out home and life insurance through your car insurer, you may be able to secure a ‘bulk buy’ discount.


A big influence on the cost of your car insurance is where you live. The chance of your car being broken into or stolen is a key concern for the insurer. More urban areas traditionally facing greater risk of theft and therefore tend to be more expensive than countryside locations.


By agreeing to pay a greater excess on each claim you can reduce your car insurance premiums. This is because you are reducing the liability of the insurer and therefore in return they are able to offer you a lower premium.

Your Vehicle

The cheaper and slower your vehicle the lower your premiums are likely to be. If you are looking to buy a new vehicle make sure you fully consider the cost of insurance – you may be able to buy the car but can you afford to run it?


You can control your insurance premiums by restricting your annual mileage. However, be aware that if you exceed the restricted number of miles you’ll then become uninsured!


Where you park your vehicle overnight is also very important to the insurers. If it is kept in a locked garage, you should be offered a lower premium than if you leave it unattended in the street.


Security devices that prevent or hinder theft may also reduce your premium. Common examples include alarms and immobilisers, however, be aware that as we improve the quality of our security devices the thieves just become better at bypassing them.

No Claims Discount

Save up your no claims discount by avoiding making small claims upon your policy. After a set number of years, 4 or 5 typically, you’ll often be offered the option to pay an additional small premium to protect your no claims bonus. This can prove very helpful if you subsequently end up having an accident.

Advanced driving skills

By taking an advanced driving course you may also be able to reduce your premiums. The Institute for Advanced Motorists and the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents each offer membership which provides you with discounts for both the cost of driving courses and your car insurance premiums. Two key variables NOT within the policyholder’s control.

Your Sex.

Women are statistically less likely to have an accident and, if they do, it’s less likely to be serious. Because of these statistics women benefit from lower premiums. It is also worth noting that if you represent one half of a couple you should consider having the female as the primary driver with the male as the second driver.

Your Age

The older you are, the less likely you are to make a claim. As a result insurance companies charge lower premiums for more mature drivers.

One final piece of advice.

A large percentage of car insurance is now sold on the Internet. That’s because it’s convenient and cheap. Many insurers now give a further 10%-15% discount if you buy online.

April 11th The Date That Changed the Conway Family Forever

For most individuals birthdates and anniversaries are memorable dates that are marked on a calendar. They are memorable because they represent a number of positive changes that impacted our lives. The Conway Family has those types of dates marked on a calendar, but they also have the date April 11 mentally marked.

People die in car accidents every day. Be sure your family has life insurance to protect them.
People die in car accidents every day. Be sure your family has life insurance to protect them.

April 11th is a particularly memorable date for The Conway Family because that is the date their lives changed dramatically.

The Conway Family was a friendly, loving family. The father, James, worked full-time at the local factory, while S andy, the mother, stayed at home to raise their two children, Peter age 6 and Gina age 10. S andy was extremely active in the school’s PTA, children’s sporting events, and other organizations throughout the community. That was the general picture of The Conway Family until April 11.

One evening while James was on his way home from a late night shift the unfortunate happened. A drunk driver failed to stop at a red light and slammed into James’s car. The impact killed James instantly and forever changed the lives of The Conway Family.

After the initial shock of the incident wore off, S andy was left with a tremendous task of piecing everything together. There were bills to pay, mortgages to h andle, and food to purchase; all of which were usually purchased with the money James brought home.

James had always been the main bread winner of the family and while S andy knew the truth was she would eventually find a job; the task seemed extremely difficult with 2 children and the money needed to come in right now. Luckily, James made one very important and potentially family lifesaving decision – he purchased life insurance.

James purchased a decent life insurance policy that allowed S andy to collect a considerable amount as part of the policy’s death benefit. This single decision helped The Conway Family considerably. It allowed S andy to pay the mortgage bills that allowed her to save the house and keep a roof over the family’s head. It allowed her to purchase food and clothing, and it even allowed her to set up a small college fund for the children.

That single decision on James’s part to purchase life insurance was a true lifesaver. It prevented his family from being fatherless, homeless, and husb andless in the event of his untimely passing.

I save money on my home insurance by having a burglar alarm

Burglar Alarms save money on Home InsuranceYou want to know something simple and easy? I save money on my home insurance by having a burglar alarm.

At first I thought it was a little weird but then I considered the fact that I can save on my car insurance if I have theft protection, and can save on my homeowners’ insurance if I have a fire alarm. Then I remembered I could save on life and health insurance because I quit smoking.

Wow, I had an epiphany. My behavior was having an effect on my insurance premiums! This meant I could spend a little money short term and save money long term. It is kind of like buying a energy efficient vehicle. Sure, I could be paying more for a new car, but how much money would I save on gas over a few years?

Not only do I experience insurance premiums savings, but I have better peace of mind for me and my family. That’s right, I’m proud of it. I save money on my home insurance by having a burglar alarm and it provides better security for my family. What can I say…I’m frugal.

Up the Deductible, Lower the Premium

Insurance is one of those things you pay for, in the hopes you never need it. Whether it’s for your car, your home or your apartment’s belongings, the protection insurance offers brings you peace of mind.

However, that peace of mind comes with a price, and sometimes that price can be…well, pricey.

Every insurance company offers discounts to help you offset the costs, such as a good driver discount or combining you auto insurance with your home or renters insurance. But there is something else you can do to drop your premiums: up your deductible. The higher your deductible, the less you will pay in premiums.

Simple tip - raise your deductible!
Simple tip – raise your deductible!

Now, don’t go crazy and choose a $2,500 deductible if you can’t afford to pay it if you ever need to file a claim. Having an unafforadable deductible defeats the purpose of having insurance. So, if you choose a higher deductible, either set aside the deductible in a savings account just in case. Then if you need to file a claim, you can pull the money from the account. Bonus: you can keep the interest accrued.

So, up your deductible and save some cash, and save some cash to pay your deductible.

Why I love insurance

If you have bought a new car or a new home in the past few months and have had some kind of damage happen to it, then you know the love that some have for insurance. An insurance policy is deigned to help repair your belongings if they are ever damaged in an accident or storm. Below are some other reasons why insurance is a great thing to own.

The Benefits of Insurance

  • Insurance covers medical costs for people to visit the doctor. It can also help pay for the expensive procedures that come up from time to time.
  • The policy can pay for damages to your car or help replace the car if it is ever totaled.
  • The premiums you pay go into a larger pool of money that is held until you have a claim. It is like a savings account.
  • It can help cover the costs associated with the end of life. Things that can be covered are funeral costs, burial costs, hospital bills and many other expensive details.

An insurance policy only makes sense when you consider what it can do for you. Some things in life are very expensive and if you are not prepared the expenses can set you back financially for many years. Take the time and go over your life situation and make sure that everything is covered the way it should be.

I Need Insurance for Everything

I need insurance for everything, or do I? When operating vehicles on, and off the road, I want my family and me to remain safe. I want to protect my family and others in case of an accident. I need insurance coverage for everything I enjoy doing.

• My truck and car need full coverage

• My boat needs watercraft coverage while the family is fishing and water skiing

• I have added a special RV insurance to the RV when it is on the road

• When my family and I travel we have a special travel insurance that covers things that the major medical will not cover

• My home needs full homeowner’s insurance coverage

• My wife and I have added an endorsement of credit life insurance on the homeowner’s policy

• My family, and I have major medical insurance and prescription coverage

• My family, and I have dental and vision insurance

• Everyone in my family has a life insurance policy for varied reasons

• My wife and I have long and short term disability insurance in case we cannot work

Do I consider myself insurance to death? Yes, but insuring these items are necessary to stay safe, I do not know what the future holds and what may happen. When my insurance needs are met, I can enjoy life.

Why I Love Renters Insurance

When I first started renting, I assumed the property owner provided all the insurance to protect my area. All the property owner insures is their apartment complex against damage.

I have to ensure my personal belongings. This includes all of my electronics and kitchen appliances. This also covers my expensive shoe collection and clothing. To make a long story short, my policy covers everything I own and have in my apartment.

This is a good thing because I have come to distrust my neighbors. I do not want to come home from work some day and find many of my things stolen.

I must have liability coverage in case someone who comes to see me and is injured on the property. I have put myself at risk by renting an apartment, because of other people in my complex. I cannot trust that my apartment neighbors live safely and do not risk my possessions by doing stupid things. I bought a good renter’s insurance policy to secure my possessions and keep me safe.

After I took pictures of all my expensive possessions with the date and amount I paid, I can now rest in the fact that they will be replaced if damaged or stolen. Do not risk your property. If you rent, buy renter’s insurance. You will love your renter’s insurance as much as I love renter’s insurance.

Why I Love Homeowners Insurance

Most of us are insurance to death and hate insurance. However, I am one that loves my homeowners insurance and so does my mortgage corporation. My mortgage company will not let me have my home if I do not have protection on my house. This is the only way they are going to get their Almighty Dollar back that I loaned from them if some unfortunate circumstance destroys my house.

I have charged too many possessions to risk having them destroyed in a fire or by an act of God before I get my charge cards paid off.

Little did we know that when we bought our home we had some shady characters as neighbors? I am glad that our home protects us from break-ins and theft.

The zone we bought our home in is also in an area that is frequented by weather calamities, like a tornado and flood zone. There are no worries for us because we have a flood and wind endorsement on our homeowner’s policy.

One neighbor we have brags about all the lawsuits he has won. A slip and fall accident by him on our property would not be good news. Our homeowner’s protects us from injuries on our property.

I love my homeowner’s insurance. It gives me peace of mind and security for all mishaps.

Why I Love Auto Insurance

The principal reason that I love auto insurance is I do not like penal colonies. I have never been in a house of detention, but I can just presume what it might be like. Most states have grave punishments for driving without auto insurance. There are stiff penalties, possible jail time, license suspensions and none of the consequences of driving without auto insurance are good.

Driving without auto insurance and being involved in a road accident is not good news, particularly if it was your fault. Even if, it was not your fault, an accident can destroy your life in every way, and turn your world upside down.

Some day the government may decide that they need to enact a tax on auto insurance. At the present time, we can delight in one of the few things in life that are tax free.

Given the right endorsements in your auto insurance policy, will bail out you out of an accident or highway breakdown and deliver your gas when your fuel tank reads empty, even though it was your mistake. It will tow your vehicle to a safe destination if you have a towing endorsement.

Do not go without auto insurance, never, ever! The risks are too high. This is why I love auto insurance.

10 Tips for Purchasing the Right Auto Insurance

When was the last time you actually sat down and read through your auto policy? Did you ever open your insurance policy and faint at the site of your insurance premium? If you have been shocked with your current rate for car insurance, then you need to know there are things you can do about it. By following some simple steps you can lower your rate by hundreds of dollars every year and in some cases even thous ands per year. Of course do not sacrifice quality with cheap; you can have both.

Lowering Your Car Insurance Premium and Finding the Right Company for You

The steps to lowering your rate and staying with a reputable company are easy to do and will not take very much time.

  1. When shopping for car insurance ask for an extended start date for the policy. Companies love customers who are responsible enough to shop for a new policy before the other one expires. Sometimes, you can get a few bucks off your premium with some planning ahead.
  2. Ask questions of their customer service to test their knowledge. A good company or agency will employ people who are knowledgeable about their coverage and services.
  3. Price the higher coverage amounts on a policy because in some states they are as cheap as the lowest coverage amounts.
  4. Put both cars on the same policy for a multi-car discount.
  5. If you have teenage drivers who are struggling with grades, then help them raise their grades for a good student discount.
  6. Ask for the low mileage rate if you do not drive more than 8,000 miles per year with any given vehicle.
  7. Let our agency quoting engine check the rates of multiple carriers at once. This will save you a great amount of time.
  8. Speak with your agent about any other discounts that are not on the policy. One discount that goes unnoticed is the military or educational discount. This one has to be asked for.
  9. If you are looking for a better rated company, check their insurance rating to see if they are an A rated company or not. An A rated company is the best rating possible. Just keep in mind that there are several rating systems to look at but they give the same information.
  10. Be proactive with your insurance policy. Take the time to check new rates every policy term. You may be surprised at what you find.

Karl Susman, Susman Insurance Agency