Fur Baby Love


Fur Baby Love

We love our fur babies. Chances are if you have one, you love yours as well. Pets are members of the family. They play the role of child, companion, therapist, and best friend. There isn’t much we wouldn’t do for those cute, furry little effaces with suck-you-in- and-wrap-you-around-their-paw-eyes. So we say.

What happens when a major medical issue occurs and now you have a vet bill that is large enough to purchase a small isl and? Would you and are you willing to spend the money to help heal your pet?

About a decade ago, I learned about health insurance for my pets.  Just like my own health insurance, I was able to pay each month and get a portion of pet expenses covered each time I took them to the veterinarian. Basically I was able to get coverage for my dog that included accident and illness plans reimburse a high percentage of my vet bill. The best part? I was able to choose any licensed veterinarian, specialist or emergency center anywhere in the world. I was also able to purchase routine care coverage to help pay for annual checkups, dental cleanings, and so much more.

I have to admit that at first it made me laugh that pet insurance existed.  I know I said that my dogs were always a part of the family, but prior to a decade ago, I never associated pets with insurance.  However, once brought to my attention, it made perfect sense.  Just like humans, pets are at risk of injury, illness, and death.  I purchased my own various and affordable policies from my insurance agent and was able to do the exact same thing with the pet insurance.  The same great coverage and inexpensive rates made purchasing the policy so easy.

There are so many different types of insurance, but the one that every dog owner (or animal of choice) should consider is for pets.  For me personally, it felt good knowing that not only was I providing extra protection for my dogs, but also protection for my budget and finances.

I highly recommend discussing a pet insurance policy with your agent and your veterinarian.


Protect Your Fur Baby

In my opinion, I currently have one of the coolest pets around!  I have always owned dogs and my last four dogs were all pugs.  I loved ALL of them, but my current pug, Roosevelt, is a mix of all those prior to him and is my favorite.  I got him when he was 12 weeks old and he immediately stole my heart.  He smiles, talks to me, knows how to react based upon how I am feeling and how he senses my emotions.  He is fun to snuggle with and just as much fun to take out in public.  Everywhere I go, people absolutely fall in love with him. His personality is unlike any other dog I have owned or like any other pug that I know.  I absolutely adore him and his is definitely part of the family.

Chances are, you have a pet (AKA fur baby) that you own and loves as well.  They steal our hearts and quickly become members of the family.  You do all that you can to support and protect your family.  Auto, Health, Life – all the different insurance policies you pat for each month in order to protect those you love.  So what about your pet?  Shouldn’t they have the same protection as well?

It might sound silly at first, but having pet insurance can save you a lot of stress and definitely a lot of money.  I have had two major medical emergencies with my dog and don’t know what I would do without pet insurance.  Perhaps now is a good time for you to get you Fur Baby insured as well.


Can I Leave My Life Insurance to a Pet?

You’ve heard about pets being pampered by people who have far more money than they have to do with. You may even have heard about pets who receive trust funds, even if gr andchildren are left out of the will. Then, you start thinking to yourself. "You know, my dog greets me at the door every day with a wagging tail. He snuggles up when he knows I’m upset. He doesn’t talk back, dem and expensive things or forget about me."

Yes, it’s true, you can list your pet as the beneficiary to your life insurance policy. Doing so may even be a very good thing. After all, who is going to take care of your animal if something should happen to you?

Often times, pets as a life insurance beneficiary will need to have a trust set up to manage the funds. Don’t worry. You can control what happens to those funds and your attorney can make sure it happens. The funds, upon your death, would go into a trust. The trust, which doesn’t need to go through probate court, is like a place to store the funds until they are needed. You determine who gets to care for your furry friend, what they can spend the money on and even what to do with anything that’s left over should something happen to your pet.

Should you skip the kids and list your pet as a beneficiary on your policy? That depends on just how much you want to sock it to them after you are gone. Of course, you could have more than one plan in place to cover everyone’s needs.

I Want To Leave My Life Insurance Payout to my Dog

So, your only dependent is your dog–or cat, pot bellied pig or some other pet– and you want them to be taken care of long after you’re gone, so the most sensible thing to do is to put them as the beneficiary on your insurance policy, right? Wrong. Technically a pet is property, which would be like you trying to leave your insurance money to your favorite pair of fluffy slippers. Legally, this can’t happen. But what you can do is to set up a trust for your pet, and draw up the necessary papers which outline your desires. When you buy life insurance, you’re basically buying it so that your income is replaced and your survivors can maintain their st andard of living. A rule of thumb for buying life insurance is to buy 25 times the amount that your family needs for living expenses in a given year. If they need $100,000, then buy a $2.5 million policy. You can then state, in your will, that you want a certain amount to go directly into your pet’s trust, thereby leaving money to your pet. If you are single, you’ll need to decide who will become your pets new owner and give them directions on your wishes for the animal’s care. Of course you’ll need to decide how much to have put in there, and make sure that everything is drawn up by your lawyer. Since life insurance policies aren’t expensive, buying a policy is a great investment in your loved ones’ future. For the about the cost of a nice dinner out once a month, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones–both the two-legged and four-legged ones–will be taken care of financially in your absence.

Trouble Doggin’ My Soul


Travelers’ use of the Sheltie and his bone, with the music and lyrics of Ray Lamontagne’s song Trouble, is nothing short of brilliant. We all have an item — a mere bone to others — that we hold near and dear, struggling to determine if the item would be safer locked away in a Century City bank or if we need to see it and reassure ourselves daily of its continued presence in our lives. What is there to do to quiet the incessant worry that dogs our sleep whether we’re canine or human? The purchase of an endorsement rider with our property insurance to cover especially unique items can quiet our concerns. Get a proposal here.