Millennials Need It Too


Millennials Need It Too

Okay Millennials – YES…you should be educated about life insurance and know when you should get it!  Facing financial decisions head-on is the only way to protect your financial future.

You may not be at a point in your life where you need life insurance.  Maybe you aren’t married and don’t have any dependents, but you should still consider other items associated with life insurance.  You need to have something to cover final expenses and burial costs and you need it if your death would leave any financial burden on someone in your life.  Don’t be that person – you know, the one that leave someone in a lurch.

You can avoid this issue by getting life insurance!  Additionally, it also covers replacement income, debts, and allows you to leave someone an inheritance.

Purchasing life insurance now will be cheaper than waiting when you get older.  You might not need a big policy at the moment, so you can purchase one that is more budget conscious.

There isn’t just one policy that fits for all millennials or for everyone.  You have to speak to an insurance agent, research you options, explore your situation, get quotes, and choose the right policy.  It takes time – which mean the “give it to me now” ideals you have as a millennial need to be squashed.  Be prepared – you will mostly likely need a medical exam as well.

Don’t be afraid – it is a big step, but a necessary one AND part of being an adult.




It Won’t Hurt

Not every life insurance policy requires a medical exam. For example, the policy I get from work as a benefit didn’t require an exam. However, that isn’t the norm. The majority of life insurance companies require some type of exam.

Don’t freak out.

Worry about the medical exam is NOT a valid reason to skip out on getting a policy. In fact, the medical exam is pretty easy. While the steps and actually activities at the appointment may vary, they typically consist of the same tests.

You will first be asked to provide a detailed medical history. That means it is a good idea to know all of your doctor information and either have or know how to get your records. That will help the process go fast and smooth.

Just like with a normal check-up, you will have to get weighed (yuck) and then your height and blood pressure will be checked. Next you will donate some blood and probably some urine. The exceptions might include EKG, treadmill test, and some additional lab work.

That’s it. The end.

It is worse getting check for a cold!

There isn’t a reason to be worried. If anything, think of how great you will feel once it is over.

It Won't Hurt
It Won’t Hurt