Think Before You Act


Think Before You Act

I watched a report on television tonight about drugs and alcohol abuse. It wasn’t just one of those statistical reports that spouted off mindless numbers and socioeconomic causes. The show interviewed numerous different people:

Current addicts
Former addicts
People currently in rehab centers
People in hospitals due to permanent damage from substance abuse
People in jail due to killing someone because of substance abuse
Friends, family, and loved ones affected by users/abusers

I have experienced people I love go down the road of addiction. Sometimes an intervention worked and other times it didn’t. This show reminded me of that. It was painful and sad to watch, but also a major eye opener. Addiction or abuse of drugs and alcohol aren’t the only issues that plague the health and wellbeing of those closest to us. A loved one that you knew at one time could have been perfectly healthy and on the right track and the next thing you know, they have made a sudden decision that altered their life forever. While abusing drugs and alcohol is no joke, this sudden shift from the right track to the wrong one can be the unfortunate case in some many other aspects in life. It only takes one small movement or ripple to cause a massive wave in our own lives and in the lives of those around us. Sometimes we fail to look at the big picture and don’t truly underst and cause and effect.

Take a minute to reevaluate the decisions you think you are going to make today or don’t be so quick to leap before looking. Your life is so much more important than that – and so much more important to those that love you than you can ever imagine.


No More 9-5

Our lives change daily and sometimes super-fast and dramatically. It isn’t as ‘easy’ as it was back in the day. The 9-5 lifestyle of the man working and the woman at home has changed. Yes, it still happens, but it is not as common as it once was. It has become more common for both parents to work outside the home, because of the increase in the cost of living and the need to cover all expenses. Trying to cover basic needs can be overwhelming. Keeping a roof over your head, gas in the car and food in the fridge is a herculean task in itself, let alone trying to afford private school tuition for your kids or paying off college loans or even simply building up the savings account so you can cover unexpected costs like repairs for your car.

Imagine if you didn’t have all the income you needed to cover all your expenses. Imagine of you were suddenly left without the second income – or worse, left without your spouse due to a sudden and unexpected death. The stress of thinking how hard that would be on your loved ones is why we talk so often about the importance of having a life insurance policy that will support your family when you die. There is a lot of comfort in knowing your family won’t have to struggle through a financial mess, that your kids will be taken care of, that your small business will still survive.

There are plenty of options when it comes to your life insurance. We offer a very personalized service – as personalized as you want. Whether you speak to use directly purchase online, we hope you get a life insurance policy sooner rather than later.


Take Advantage

Today was my last day of vacation. Bright and early tomorrow, I will put the tires to the road again and head back home.  Back to the grind.  Back to ‘normal.’ I have never been to Kentucky, or anywhere that far south, but I was told it is absolutely beautiful – and what I was told was correct!. There are so many places that I am fortunate to see and visit due to my career and significant other, that I am not sure I would have gotten the chance otherwise. For that, I am truly grateful. As cheesy as it sounds, I am at a point on this tour where I am recognizing the importance of not taking anything for grated and making sure that I take advantage of every awesome opportunity given to me – and I am being given a ton of new opportunities. In life in general, we shouldn’t take anything for granted. What we have in one moment could be gone in the very next. Yes, it is important to look into the future and plan accordingly, but we also need to pay attention and give proper affection to the people and things that are right in front of us. Tell the people that surround you how you feel today. Don’t take them for granted or lose the opportunity you are given to spend time with them. Life is short. Take advantage.



One-way Rollercoaster

Life can be like a rollercoaster- full of ups and downs, corkscrews, high speeds and maybe even some motion sickness. There are times when all of us feel like we don’t matter as much as we should or even that we are undeserving of certain things.

No matter how many sudden drops you are thrown over, no matter how many sharp turns at high speeds lie ahead, no matter how motion sick life events you may make you feel, you should never question yourself. You deserve an amazing life and you deserve to protect yourself and your loved ones.

By protection, we mean Life Insurance. People often think they don’t need to bother with life insurance, because of their lack of husb and/wife or lack of children. Others think they don’t need life insurance, because they are young, healthy, and think they are invincible. Some people don’t think they can get affordable life insurance, because they’re elderly or have a pre-existing/current medical issue. Some people think they don’t need life insurance because they think they are financially set for the future with a simple retirement plan.

If you fall into any of those categories, please underst and that we are being honest when we tell you that YOU ARE WRONG.
No matter what you do in life, no matter what your age or job title or health history, your life is valuable and is worth protecting. Life is only a one-way ticket on the rollercoaster ride. Make sure you have all areas of it covered and protected.

Celebrate the Ones You Love

Cinco de Mayo was yesterday and boy did I eat my fair share of tacos! To tell you the truth, the 5th of May has absolutely nothing to do with how many tacos I eat. They are a part of my regular diet! YUM! Like many people, I like to use Cinco de Mayo and other holidays as a time make special arrangements to meet-up with friends, families, and loved ones to celebrate, eat food, laugh, and spend a little extra time together that we don’t regularly get to have.

Look at the beautiful loved ones that surround you during special occasions. There isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for them, right?
Take a look back at the pictures from other holiday gatherings. Birthdays. Thanksgiving. Christmas. 4th of July.
Look at the smiles and happy c andid expressions.

Recall your favorite moments.
It’s hard not to imagine happier times.
Think about how much love and support you give to and receive from these people.
They are your lifeline.
Now imagine if there was a sudden change of events – an accident, a death.
Would these people be able to h andle your final expenses?
How does it make you feel knowing that your debts could become their responsibility?
Are you willing to impose such a financial burden?

Those statements aren’t meant to rain on the celebration parade, but rather be statements of reality. Knowing you have purchased a life insurance policy that covers your debts, takes care of final expenses, and provided future financial stability will make you breathe easier and worry less. It will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the special moments knowing you have done right by your loved ones. Now is the time to contact Susman Insurance and let them assist you in making one of the most important decisions of your life.
Have you done it yet?

Come on…the sooner you do, the sooner you can really relax and enjoy another taco…or whatever.