30 and Thriving

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30 and Thriving

Uh oh…is 30 quickly approaching or GASP – has it already arrived?
16, 18, 21, 20 40, and so on. These tend to be what many people consider to be major steps and age/birthday celebrations in life. Of course these are only few among numerous milestones, but you get what we are saying.
So many people that I know made and make a very big deal out of turning 30. I don’t personally see what the big deal is, but to each their own. I do however see and underst and the big deal behind making sure you have all your ducks in a row when it comes to insurance and finances at that age. I came across a great article with some very useful information that I wanted to pass along – focusing on personal finances.

1. When you reach 30 it is actually past time to start saving for retirement. Don’t ignore this! You REALLY do need to start saving!
2. Look into long-term investments
3. Check credit score, know your credit score, and know what’s on your credit report
4. Learn how to fix credit report errors – and FIX THEM!
5. Make/revise a budget and stick to it.
6. Build an emergency savings account that you never touch and don’t tell anyone about. Let it build and let it be!
7. Revisit your student loan status and see if you can consolidate, lower rates, or make bigger payments
8. Search for lower credit card interest rates or consider get rid of the cards all together
9. Meet with an agent and determine if you need life insurance
10. Stop working a ‘job’ and find your
11. Is it time to rent or to own?

This To-Do list could and should be significantly longer, but it is an excellent starting point to kick-off your 30’s with a string sense of you financial status and the direction to take in order to strengthen your status.