Plan and Prepare


Plan and Prepare

There are numerous ways you can plan, prepare, and do to ensure a long and healthy life.

*Eat healthy – Veggies, fruit, whole grains, lean protein, low fat dairy *Find a physical activity – CrossFit, basketball, football, baseball, running, kickboxing, boot camp, muai thai, MMA or other martial arts, even walking with a friend on a consistent basis). Pick one. *Find your bliss or mix and match – he options are endless. *Put your head in a good place mentally – the power of positive thinking; what you believe you attract *Choose happiness – no matter what life throws at you, choose to find a piece of good in all things

New information is thrown at us daily in regards to ways we can learn about new tricks to staying healthy and living a long life.  However, sometimes, fate steps in and takes the reins for a moment or two, often mangling our plans in extreme ways. There’s nothing you can do to stop the inevitable, but you can plan appropriately. Again, the key word being PLAN.

We know that it is hard for some people to be comfortable with the idea of purchasing life insurance. Knowing the inevitable can still be a hard pill to swallow – but you have to.

You can do everything possible to live a healthy life, but you still have to take the extra steps to protect yourself and more importantly, protect your family.

Life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance ( and more) are all polices you should make part of your entire plan. Knowing you are living a healthy life isn’t enough to plan and prepare for the future. Financial planning and protection must be part of your daily health plan as well.

Plan  and Prepare
Plan and Prepare

Dale and Diana

Diana and Dale had an amazing blended family with successful careers and respect from the community. Dale purchased life insurance and disability insurance to make sure he covered death and injury. Without the policies that Dale purchased early in the marriage, the family would not have be financially secure and been able to continue living within the lifestyle they were accustomed to.

Disability Insurance Protection You And Compare Policy Before Purchase

If disability income insurance is the protection you need, shop around and compare policy features before making a purchase. Some professional insurance agents consider the ideal disability policy to be a form called ‘own occupation’ coverage. But the average life of a disability insurance policy is about 5 years. Even if you have long-term disability insurance through your employer, you may want to consider an individual policy as well. That’s why after recently meeting with his financial planner, he decided to supplement his employer’s disability coverage with an additional long-term disability insurance policy.

Sometimes, your employer pays for an individual disability insurance policy on you. You choose the length of your waiting period when you purchase your individual disability income insurance policy. During this process, the insurance company collects information about you and uses it to decide whether to issue you a disability policy. They are not affected by payments from any other individual disability insurance policy you have purchased. Neither long-term care nor long-term disability insurance terminates once it pays a benefit unless the maximum benefits of either policy are exhausted.

Unearned income you may receive includes private disability payments from an insurance policy or short-term and long-term disability coverage from your employer. The maximum normally allowed under a disability policy is 60-66% depending on the insurance carrier. If you’re not sure, an individual disability insurance policy can help. In summary, as the disability insurance market continues to deteriorate, every physician should perform a “policy check-up” to better underst and his/her policy. Business Overhead Expense (BOE) insurance is a disability policy that reimburses the practice for specific overhead expenses if a shareholder is disabled.

Variables in coverage Insurance is always complicated and disability is no exception. Benefits are taxed, however, if your employer pays for the disability insurance coverage. Long-term disability insurance usually kicks in after short-term disability coverage ends – typically after six months. Free disability insurance quotes to help consumers find insurance coverage with the lowest rates for disability insurance. As with many other insurance plans, having disability insurance coverage usually makes more financial sense than not having it.

Although it gets less attention than life insurance, experts agree that disability coverage is at least as important. Nationally recognized attorneys representing medical, dental, business and legal professionals in disability insurance coverage disputes with carriers throughout the United States. Lack of coverage could ruin your family’s lifestyle but disability insurance will ensure a continuous income stream. One coverage I don’t have is disability insurance that will cover my loss of income in case of accident or extended illness. Most school districts do not provide disability insurance coverage for their employees. individual coverageDisability insurance may be included in your benefit plan from your employer or union. While on a disability-related leave, you may continue your insurance coverage by paying premiums directly to the Lab’s Payroll Office.

For a longer illness, lasting six months or more, your employer may provide group long-term disability income insurance. Employee Benefits Disability benefits from your employer may include workers’ compensation insurance for work-related injuries. In either case, you should find out as much as you can about the group disability insurance provided by your employer. Group disability insurance can be fully paid by your employer or may require an employee contribution. When you purchase disability insurance through your employer, you may be able to have premiums deducted from your pay on a pretax basis. Plus, one overwhelming advantage of personally owned disability insurance is that it cannot be reduced or terminated if you leave your current employer.

Your employer or association-sponsored group disability insurance plan may not be all you think it is. However, be aware that benefits paid by group disability insurance policies paid for by an employer are usually taxable. If your employer is among those who have overlooked disability insurance, you may want to suggest a reallocation of benefit dollars. You’re actually less likely to get long-term disability insurance from your employer than life insurance.

Disability Insurance Online

What is Disability Insurance?
“The Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability programs are the largest of several Federal programs that provide assistance to people with disabilities. While these two programs are different in many ways, both are administered by the Social Security Administration and only individuals who have a disability and meet medical criteria may qualify for benefits under either program.”
– Social Security web site, June 2006

The Social Security office will want to check your medical history to be sure you qualify for disability benefits. The Social Security office is one way to get disability benefits, but in most cases these benefits will not be substantial enough for families.

Disability insurance can be obtained through any number of insurance companies. In the event that you are disabled, this insurance will serve as financial protection. You will receive a percentage of your gross income from your disability insurance policy, income that will ensure your own financial safety.

You do not have to go through the Social Security Office to take out a disability insurance policy, nor to receive the benefits from that policy. The Social Security disability program is not related to any disability insurance policy that you take out.

“Individual disability insurance is truly a basic concept. It is an insurance product designed to replace anywhere from 45-60% of your gross income on a tax-free basis should a sickness or illness prevent you from earning an income in your occupation. Every disability insurance policy from every insurance company is very different, this is not a product to simply shop for the most competitive rate. To buy the cheapest disability insurance policy on the market is to throw money away. The odds of getting paid a monthly benefit under a cheap contract may be significantly lower than receiving benefits from a quality contract.”
– About Disability Insurance web site, June 2006

Types of Disability Insurance
Most people are familiar with two types of disability insurance: short-term disability, and long-term disability. Short-term disability insurance is included as part of a benefits package with many different employers, and usually provides an income in the early part of disability. Short-term disability insurance generally provides coverage for a period of several weeks, and does not exceed a two-year term.

Long-term disability, however, can last for a period of several years. These types of policies may be included as a part of employment, in a benefits package, but many purchase these disability insurance policies individually.

As far as disability insurance goes, however, there are still more policies to learn about. One type of disability insurance is the Own-Occupation Disability Insurance. The definition of this policy reads:

“The inability to perform the material and substantial duties of your regular occupation, the insurance company will consider your occupation to be the occupation you are engaged in at the time you become disabled, they will pay the claim even if you are working in some other capacity.”

Another kind of disability insurance is the Income Replacement Insurance. This is a very popular type of disability insurance, and most insurance agents are familiar with this policy. The language of this type of disability insurance reads:

“Because of sickness or injury you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation, and are not engaged in any other occupation.”

Common in employee benefits packages, Gainful Occupation Coverage is another popular form of disability insurance. The language here is worded very carefully:

“Because of sickness or injury you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties or your occupation, or any occupation for which you are deemed reasonably qualified by education, training, or experience.”

Disability Insurance To The Rescue

Who ever thinks they will need disability insurance? Why would you even bother with it unless you are already disabled? It seems too good to be true anyway. The truth is, why would anyone work if they thought they could just do something stupd to themselves to become disabled so they could sit on their bottoms and let the government pay their bills? I’ll tell you exactly why you may unexpectedly find yourself in need of disability insurance.

According to Sun Life Financial the most common reason to apply for disability insurance is muscular-skeletal injury. Now how likely is your average person to suffer from this kind of injury? Unless you have a job where you put your body on the line everyday you’re probably not worried about this. But maybe you should be…

Disability insurance is a lot like your toilet. You don’t think about it until you really need it. But when you do really need it then you start to wonder what you would do without it. The same thing applies to disability insurance. Think of it as your security blanke. Disability insurance should be like your happy place; you only use it when the alternative is too uglu to deal with. If you ever find yourself in the position of suffering from temporary disability, such as a broken leg, you’ll want that security blanket. You’ll need to go to your happy place. Make sure you have one to go to. In the event that you get sick or hurt and can’t work, disability insurance should be like your Visa card; you never leave home without it.

Disability Income Insurance Is Also Called Income Protection Insurance (yes!)

In the United States, we mostly call it Disability Income Insurance but in Europe and other countries it is called Income Protection Insurance. Even though Workman’s Comp will pay you a percentage of your pay if an on-the-job injury keeps you from working, an accident or illness outside the job will not cover you unless you are insured by your own personal policy. This Income Protection Insurance pays in addition to other coverage and may also cover periods of unemployment so you can better h andle your basic monthly bills.

We’ve all seen the duck offering us cash in h and to pay the bills, buy food and everything else we may need if we are sick or injured and can’t work for a paycheck, but how easy is it to get this type of insurance?

The application may appear to be overwhelming but just answer each question in turn. The mistake often made is to not answer fully thinking this information is not confidential. It is. Your answers become the basis for payment when the time comes that you need to collect so answer in too much detail. Ask your agent when you are stymied.

Give a detailed description of what doing your job entails. Mail room clerk can mean you sit and sort mail into slots or you not only sort the mail but you h and-deliver it to departments on each of the 20 floors and take outgoing mail to the Post Office. So if you broke a leg, can you still do your job? More detail is better.

Whether you call it Disability Income Insurance or Income Protection Insurance, unless you have at least 3-6 months of bill payments sitting in the bank, you should think of having one. Quack, quack.

Get Disability Insurance While Still Keeping You Clothes On: No Physical Examination Is Required

It’s like a bad nightmare. You are st anding in your physician’s office as your doctor tells you to strip completely naked. As you take off your clothes, you hear giggles erupt behind you. You turn around and find yourself back in your 6th grade class as the students are pointing and laughing at your naked body. Your shrew of a teacher, Miss Haggerty, is tapping a wooden ruler in her h and as she tells you to bend over and cough.

Screaming into the night won’t get rid of the dreaded feeling you have about taking a medical examination for your disability insurance. You’ve heard the tales from friends. The cold sterile room you’ll have to sit in. The disgruntled medical examiner pulling the plastic glove over their h and. The weird positions you have to contort your body into as they exam every inch of your body searching for something that will make them deny you insurance coverage, while they seriously consider the mole on your left buttocks shaped like Richard Nixon as an affront to all that is wholesome and good about this country.

Put your fears and bad dreams to bed. Full physical examinations are not required when getting disability insurance. So long as you answer all questions honestly about your medical history, you won’t have to go through an examination. You’ll only undergo a medical physical if you become disabled at work as you file a disability claim. Even then, most examinations don’t last more than 10 minutes as the doctor focuses on the injured area of your body.

So obtain disability insurance while keeping your clothes on. Your mole will still be your secret.

Throw The Sales Pitch Out The Window And Find Affordable Disability Insurance From Reliable Companies

Come one, come all to this disability insurance blowout! You know you can become injured to the point where you can’t lift a finger at work. What plans do you have to take care of your family while you are disabled? You have no savings after blowing that wad of cash on that secret fishing boat moored at your parents’ house so your wife doesn’t find out. Without a savings and out of work with this injury, you will be in dire need of funds.

Get your disability insurance from us before these unfortunate work accidents happen. We will give you the highest rates we possibly can. Our rates are so high, we make greedy bankers blush. As for some perks for getting the insurance from us, we will give you a toaster. Isn’t that great? A br and new, or maybe slightly used, toaster with a small dent on the side and bread crumbs at the bottom. Hey, salespeople have to eat too."

Thank Heavens that not all disability insurance companies are like the one above. Today, you can shop for the right disability insurance company that will give you the affordable rates you want that won’t break your budget. You can find great deals from reliable insurance companies that will offer more than high rates and a toaster as a prize.

These insurance companies will provide you with a policy that gives you the exact coverage you need. If you are injured, you and your family will be taken care of as you will have enough money to pay for all of your expenses. Let the greedy salespeople keep their beat-up toaster.

How Does Social Security Affect Long-Term Disability Insurance?

When I became disabled I had to use the six months disability policy through my company. It paid 60 percent of my baseline salary. This went smoothly, and I had no problems. When my long-term disability insurance took over this is where all the problems started. I had not been smart enough to get a disability insurance policy through a qualified independent agent in the years prior, because a disability would never touch my life.

When my company’s long term disability started to pay me, I had to apply for Social Security Disability as I was under 66 years of age. What does a person do if Social Security denies their claim? Make sure that friends, family and charity do not have to be relied on for extra income. Protect yourself with disability insurance.

When a company’s long-term disability has to make disability payments, they require a lot of paperwork. I think they make this process so hard one just wants to throw their h ands in the air and quit. The doctor and I had to do a mound of paperwork he, nor I wanted to do. These types of questions are not easy to answer.

An unfortunate disability could cause financial ruin for anyone. How do bills get paid? How does food stay on the table? How are children supported? How does the mortgage get paid and much more? Make wise decisions about your financial future in the event that a disability situation enters your life. Contact your independent insurance agent and ask for a quote for a disability insurance policy and find out how your Social Security affects your long-term disability insurance.

Do I have enough money in savings to live off?

The short answer to the title’s question is: probably not. If you’re an average Jane or Joe American, then you only have about $3,800 in your savings account. That’s about enough to last you about a month, maybe–if you’re just sticking with basics, you know, things like shelter, food, water, electricity and a car.

But what happens when you suddenly become disabled and aren’t able to work for six months or a year? What will you do when the money in your savings account does run dry? Ask good old Uncle Sam? Sure, you can try. But he can only help to an extent, and these days that extent is quite small. If you’ve got a partner who is bringing in an income, that’s great, but how much of their income goes to your household’s regular spending? Again, for the average person, most of it is "spoken for" the moment the direct deposit enters hits the bank account.

One of the best investments that you can make–even today–is to buy a disability insurance policy. If you become disabled, it will give you a percentage of your previous salary so that you can continue to live as you are today. Some companies provide these policies for employees, but most don’t, so if you’re not hurt on the job–thereby being covered by workers comp–you’re out of luck when it comes finding a way to put food on the table. Disability policies aren’t cost prohibitive , and are worth the sacrifice of cutting a few cable channels in order to buy a policy for yourself and, if you have one, your partner.