Size Really Does Matter!

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Size Really Does Matter!

Driving in California is like dodging snowflakes in winter, the smaller the car the better your chance of avoiding a gas station. Not everyone owns a Prius, either. There is also an abundance of Camrys, Accords and Civics darting in and out of traffic. It seems the smaller the car, the longer the distance between fuel stops. By the same token, larger trucks are an oddity on West Coast highways. Hummers and SUVs st and out like sore thumbs, probably because they can mostly be found bellied up to a gas pump.

Contrary to popular belief, there is not a Beamer in every drive way and Hollywood is not full of sports cars. Granted, there are areas that look like Germany had an overflow problem, but for the most part drivers in California want a quality car that is good on gas. Traffic in the Golden State can be insane sometimes, so purchasing a smaller car that is dependable as well as affordable is part of the territory.

In a state where economy is the key, a fuel efficient vehicle can mean the difference between living from pay check to pay check or saving for your children’s college fund. While smaller seems to be better in some cases, the choice is yours to find the right car to fit your individual needs.