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Preparing for a hurricane

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Preparing for a hurricane

Preparing for a hurricane

You may have heard the terms “hurricane watch” or “hurricane warning”. The terms have different levels of preparedness that are required and are described below.

With either type of alert, it is important to be prepared. What you do beforeh and can determine how well you weather the storm and recover from it. Here are some preparation tips:

  • Prepare a survival kit that includes water and non-perishable food for everyone including your pets; a portable radio; flashlights and batteries.
  • Plan your evacuation route and make sure you leave as soon as an evacuation order is issued. Also, please be sure to fuel up your car before you leave.
  • Make sure you have car chargers for your cell phones and portable devices.
  • Close storm shutters and board up all windows and glass doors.
  • Secure all outdoor objects or move them inside.
  • Bring in gas or charcoal grills, but do not use them inside or even store propane tanks inside the house or garage. Chain propane tanks in an upright position to a secure object away from your home.
  • Secure your boat or move it to a safer place.
  • Fill your emergency generator fuel tank, if you have one, and have spare fuel on h and. Be sure to store generator fuel in an approved can away from the house, open flames and fuel-burning appliances such as natural gas appliances.

As soon as you hear of a hurricane watch or warning, it is important, depending on the type of alert, to immediately begin or complete your preparedness. You can never be too prepared when it comes to protecting your loved ones and your property.

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