Need Insurance that Star Wars Will Continue to Rock!

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Need Insurance that Star Wars Will Continue to Rock!

Remember how excited you were when you first heard about George Lucas doing Star Wars prequels? Remember how quickly that excitement faded when you actually sat through that midnight showing of The Phantom Menace, then endured the cringe-worthy s and speech in Attack of the Clones? Revenge of the Sith was a bit better, but still nothing like the Original Trilogy.

C3PO  and George
C3PO and George

So now, there’s another trilogy coming out. Yay? It would be nice to have some guarantee that this one won’t have its own version of Jar Jar, bad writing and wooden acting (looking at you, Natalie and Hayden!). If only there was some kind of insurance you could get that would ensure that this trilogy captures the spirit of the first three. Sure, we’ll have Han, Leia and Luke around, as well as Chewie, C3PO and R2D2, but we don’t really know how much they’ll be in it and how they’ll do on screen this time around. The rest of the cast includes a lot of little-known actors and actresses (kinda like the original films at the time), so that’s a plus.

You might not be able to buy Star Wars insurance, but there’s one thing you can hope for — notice who’s missing from the original cast members? Flamboyant and always entertaining L ando is noticeably absent from the cast list, and who doesn’t want to see what the scoundrel-turned-respectable business owner-turned-Rebel hero is up to these days? You might just have to deal with the mental image of geriatric L ando dancing his hips off, cape and all, on Dancing With the Stars, but that’s a small price to pay. Bring on Billy Dee!