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Light It Up

The holiday season is in full swing and while everyone has their own traditions they follow and celebrate, many people enjoy sharing the holiday spirit be decorating the outside of their homes in beautiful lights.  Some displays are so amazing and magical, that people line up around neighborhood blocks waiting to drive by and look.

Serious lighting and decorating calls for some serious safety procedures.

Follow all manufacture instructions on all your decorations.

Always make sure you check ALL the lights before hanging.  You don’t want to cut your h and on broken bulbs or get them all up only to find out that nothing works. 

You also want to use waterproof bulbs to avoid any disasters due to a change in the weather. 

Use a sturdy ladder on a flat surface and hang the lights using holders – not nails. 

Only plug lights into the proper circuit and if you don’t have one for outside use, have one professionally installed ahead of time.

Avoid hanging anything near power lines.

Keep extensions cords wrapped and secured in a safe and orderly place.

We love checking out amazing holiday décor – just like most people.  We also want you to have a pleasant holiday season and not have to call us for an insurance claim due to a decoration/lighting-related incident!  A few simple safety precautions can help you avoid injury – to you, your home, and you bank account!


Beautiful Christmas lights display.
Beautiful Christmas lights display.