Why Not To Buy

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Why Not To Buy

I thought I would make a quick list of reasons why you should NOT buy life insurance.  Yes, I said NOT.  I asked around, talked to clients, customers and friends, and here are the top five reasons not to buy life insurance:

  1. I have no friends, family or charity to leave money to
  2. I have no debt and do not want to create an estate for anyone or any organization
  3. I have found a way to avoid 100% of estate taxes, also known as Death Taxes
  4. Nobody is dependent on my income other than me
  5. I am immortal

So there are reasons not to buy life insurance.  Just kidding.  Those aren’t really a solid top 5, but you get the point.  Seriously, everybody needs life insurance.  The key is to find the right type of policy for you.  Some life insurance policies pay you money back in the form of dividends or interest while you are alive, so it is as much of a savings account as it is a policy to pay out when you die!  Ask questions, get answers.  Find the right life insurance policy for you.