New Year Update


New Year Update

As humans, people, consumers, etc… We love to constantly update our life status, as well as be up-to-date on the latest and greatest. It can be the newest cell phones, techno-gadgets, movies, and fashion – whatever. We like to appear to our social universe as being interesting, exciting, fresh, and new. It is a competition of who can post and update first or who can get the newest ‘it’ item. Nobody wants to finish last or be left behind. It is all about the update!

Do you know what else needs to be updated?
Your insurance policies.

The start of the year is always a good time to review all of your polices and make any necessary changes. However, it is almost entering the third month of the year – have no fear! There is still plenty of time to update, but don’t procrastinate.
I know a woman that updates her policies almost a dozen times per year. She is always reviewing coverage to ensure that it matches with her current coverage needs and lifestyle. Marriage, divorce, children, pets, change of job, business ownership, and health – all of these events create a change in insurance policies. She consistently updates, because she knows that as life goes through changes, the amount and type of coverage for each policy must also change.

Have you made any major purchases? Save your receipts and educate yourself on inflation and exchange rates (for items purchased overseas) and how those might affect the value of your items and the replacement value as well. On the other side, be aware of insured items that have potentially depreciated. You don’t want to be paying a ton of extra money for being over-insured.
Did you do any major home renovations? Added solar panels? Updated your security system? Yes – you need to update!

Don’t get discourage or confused and feel like you have to go at this alone. Yes, there is plenty of information you can find on the internet, but our recommendation is to contact your agent and allow them to assist. Updating isn’t a difficult process, but it is an important one that deserve a lot of attention to detail. The right changes can save you money – now and in the future.

NOW might be a good time to review and update all your policies and make sure everything is still in alignment with your lifestyle. Then you can be the first among your friends to brag and update your social status!

Update NOW!
Update NOW!

See Susman Insurance Agency Live and In Color

Did you know there are over 400,000 insurance agents in the United States? And more people are entering the field each year. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s one of the fastest growing industries. And yet, for the most part, insurance agents are pretty nameless and faceless. Everybody knows an insurance agent, but no one knows an insurance agent.

Until there’s a problem.

People often only talk to their insurance agent when they have a problem: They wrecked the car. A tree fell on the house. They want a cheaper insurance rate, etc. You’ve noticed that your insurance agent is always happy to hear from you. Of course, you probably think it’s because it means they’re going to get PAID.

But that’s not the only reason your agent is glad to hear from you. No, really, we’re serious. Believe it or not, most agents like people, and one of the main reasons they got into the insurance biz is because they *gasp* want to help people. They are available to assist when you need help like we mentioned above, but they are also available to answer any insurance-related questions you might have as well. We can even answer some non-insurance-related questions, such as, the best route to get to Rodeo Drive or the best recipe for Lemon Bars.

When most people need to chat with their insurance agent, they pick up the phone and call. Or, if they happen to be in the area, they might stop by. But we offer a third way to chat with us: video chat. Yes, you can contact us and see live video your from home or work. There are no extra fees for this service, we just want to offer as many entertaining options for you to contact us as possible.

Think about how much fun this could be. Yes, we said “fun” in an insurance blog post. But seriously, think about it.

  • You just want to know what your insurance agent looks like. Anyone could put anyone’s picture on the side of a bus or on a shopping cart, but it’s hard to fake face-to-face chat.
  • You’re curious about what an insurance agent’s office looks like. You’re actually doing us a favor. Since you can call in at any time, Karl has to keep his office neat and tidy. It also means Karl has to take a lunch break and leave his desk. Maybe even leave the office. We love Karl, but he needs to get out more.
  • Did we mention the Lemon Bars? You can see them for yourself. They’re yummy!

So, the next time you need to “see” Susman Insurance or anyone on our staff here, give live video a try! It’s a great way for us all to become better acquainted.

Why You Should Love Karl Susman

Meet Karl. Karl is a nice guy. He’s married and has two kids. He works at least 8 hours a day and spends all of his free time with his family. For all intents and purposes, Karl is just your average guy.

But Karl also has a secret. He’s not just your ordinary guy who goes to work and comes home to his family every night. Karl, in many ways, is a superhero.

Karl is an insurance guy.


Now, before your eyes glaze over and you scoff at the idea, think about it. When your car rolls into a lake or lightning strikes your house, after 911, who do you call? Who do you depend on to help you sort it all out?

Uh huh. You call Karl or one of the other 400,000-plus insurance agents in the United States (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010).

Not convinced? Here’s an example. Let’s say you fall in love with a house in Brentwood, all four bedrooms, three baths’ worth. Are you really going to write a check for 10 percent down and get a mortgage for the balance without insuring it? Of course, with a mortgage, you’re legally obligated to do as much, but this is a job for Karl. He can research the available coverages and find you the best rates that you can afford. Karl’s a pretty good guy for doing that. Now, let’s say the unthinkable happens. You’ve got friends and family over for a barbeque. A stray ember catches the wind and ignites the curtains, and before you know it, your beautiful Brentwood home is ablaze. The house isn’t destroyed, but it’s going to take more than your checking account balance to fix it. Who ya gonna call?

Karl! Karl Susman!

Getting the point?

Karl, the insurance guy is the one who has the power to take you from a bad situation and make it better.

When your policies are up for renewal, Karl finds you a better rate. You love Karl.

When your car breaks down on the 405 and the tow to your mechanic in West Los Angeles is free, you love Karl because you let him talk you into getting the tow rider.

When your nosy neighbor slips on your driveway and sues you, Karl informs you that your insurance will cover her medical bills. Again, you love Karl.

Karl is your hero. And unlike some superheroes, you don’t have to put a signal into the air. A simple phone call will do.

So, the next time you see Karl, pat him on the back and buy him a cup of coffee. And review your policies while you’re at it.