Get Life Insurance Despite Having A Medical Condition


Get Life Insurance Despite Having A Medical Condition

So you pull out your “Big Book Of Medical Terms” as you look up all the medical conditions that you may have but are afraid to talk to the doctor about because you don’t want him to think you are paranoid. Flipping to the “M” section, you go down the list, placing a checkmark by every entry that affects you and a question mark by those you may have experienced.

Mad cow disease? You do like to have a rare steak now and again. Malaria? You have a friend, that has a friend, that has a cousin who works for an embassy in South America? Could you have been exposed to it while talking to your friend?

Don't "forget" you need to buy your life insurance today!
Don’t “forget” you need to buy your life insurance today!

Then a big gust of wind comes through the window, blowing in a flyer from your mailbox. “Do you have life insurance?” the pamphlet says in big bold letters.

You shake your head and sigh. You wish you could have life insurance, but you have medical conditions such as memory loss, menopause, occasionally suffer from a migraine and have melena. A friend of yours told you that the more medical conditions you have, the less likely an insurance company will grant you life insurance. That is why your friend didn’t sign up for a policy with her multiple sclerosis.

You, and your friend, may be surprised to hear this: You can get life insurance if you have every type of “M” condition in your Big Book Of Medical Terms. There is a policy out there for you if you shop around. So put down the book and start calling insurance carriers so you can get the life insurance you need.