Don’t Touch That Butterfly


Don’t Touch That Butterfly

When I ended my last post we were discussing some of the weird facts about the state of California. We discussed the riparian brush rabbit in some depth. We even had the opportunity to talk about my favorite subject, the covert activity of one brush fire b andit. I am sure the authorities are all over that by now. Your days are numbered buddy.

It never ceases to amaze me how a blog about insurance can be so topically broad and yet still have impact. There are multitudinous topics that have both humor and depth, that need to be explored. Okay, everyone needs insurance. Honestly everyone is Los Angeles needs to be doubly insured. With that being said, who wants to read 500 words or more of me telling you how important it is to be insured? I didn’t think so. You do, however need to be reminded; at least at some subliminal level that insurance is important. Consider yourself reminded.

Normally, I am all over the place when it comes to making these posts, but today, I am thinking I have some subject matter that may take up the majority of my time with you. Did you know that in Pacific Grove thare is a law on the books that imposes a $500 fine for “molesting a butterfly” (their terminology, not mine)? That’s right; you can literally be fined $500 for physically harassing a butterfly. Help me underst and this. For those that actually like to allow butterflies to light on their h and or finger, you could be coughing up $500. You guys in Pacific Grove are taking your butterflies a little too serious for me.

Personally, the law would never directly impact me because I am not one to play with insects. As far as I’m concerned, we live in two different worlds; they don’t bother me and I will definitely not bother them. However, I know everyone is not like me.

I wonder what happened to make putting that law on the books necessary. I am sure that they were not up there just sitting around looking for laws to put on the books and someone said, hey, let’s charge people $500 for touching butterflies. Then again, who knows? Fines are a town’s number one revenue generator. The local people would know better, but someone from a place like Pacific Palisades will probably not be aware of the law and end up on the wrong end of a citation pad.

Alright, let’s take some time to wrap our heads around this for a minute. There is all kinds of violence going on (making health and life insurance very necessary) in the state, and this town is so bored that they literal post a law to their books that charges a person five big ones for touching a butterfly, you got to be kidding me.

I am actually thinking about contacting the mayor’s office in Pacific Grove and getting an official statement on what prompted the writing of that law. What kind of people do they have down there that makes them feel the need to protect the butterfly to such an extent? Right when I think I have California figured out.

Just Another Day in the Insurance Business

Bob put on his sunglasses as he stepped out into the California sunshine. With no appointments on his calendar, and a beautiful day outside, Bob intended to take the day off and relax. A trip to the beach or maybe a drive along the coast. Checking to make sure he had everything, Bob set off for a day of sun and fun.

Before he could even start his car, his cell phone was going of. Checking the number, he answered to hear the shaky voice of one of his clients. Her Beverlywood home had been flooded when her built-in swimming pool had cracked. The damage to the home was covered by her home owner’s insurance, Bob assured her, and explained how she could file a claim.

Bob decided to stop at the store to pick up some supplies. When he reached the store, his phone rang again. Answering the call from his client and friend, he sat stunned as his friend explained the amazing story of how his yacht had tangled with another during a launch of a new boat at the California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey. The yacht, while still floating, was decidedly leaning starboard. Bob tried to console his clients sinking spirits as he helped him.

Bob ran in and picked up some drinks to take along on his trip. As he loaded up his cooler, his phone rang once again. Was this really a day off? As Bob answered the phone, a blast of car horns, noise, and sirens came out. Surprised he almost dropped the phone. Listening, he heard a famous client of his yelling at her driver. Apparently a fender bender on the Pacific Coast Highway had her all heated up. Setting her straight on what she needed to do, Bob still had time to make it to the beach and relax.

Before long, Bob had reached his destination and was laying in the sun, soaking up some sun and enjoying the view of the California coastline. The beach wasn’t crowded and the day seemed to have calmed down. But just as that thought passed through his mind, the wind picked up and the sun went behind the dark storm clouds. He just had enough time to gather his things before the rain started.

On the way home, Bob thought about all his clients and how he was lucky that things like this didn’t seem to happen to him;. When Bob pulled into his driveway, something didn’t seem right. He had locked the front door when he left, so why was it hanging open? Bob waited for the police to arrive before entering to find that he had been the victim of a break in. They had taken everything of value they could find, including his electronics, his art, anything they could grab.

After filing the police report, Bob sunk into his couch and look at where his flat screen television use to be. With a sigh, he pulled out his phone and called his insurance agent. At least he was covered. It pays to have the right insurance.

Headed Out West

Many people have called insurance the necessary evil. No one wants to pay for insurance, but everyone has to. Whether you are speaking about medical insurance or automobile insurance, insurance is quite necessary. If you don’t think so, stop making your premium payments on your medical insurance, and then take a trip to the doctor’s office. Please don’t look surprised when the receptionist asks for more than your usual $10.00 co-pay.

Yes, we all need insurance. I don’t think anyone needs insurance more than the people that live in the state of California. California is an insurance haven. There is earthquake related insurance. There is fire insurance (this is very necessary because at some point in your life in California a brush fire is going to threaten your home).

In California you need travel insurance because nothing is close in proximity. If you live in Los Angeles you will needed health insurance because the smog is going to get you.

While on the subject of Los Angeles we might as well discuss auto insurance, because no one there can drive, but everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere. While on the subject of traffic I have to pose a rhetorical question: How is it that the 2nd largest city in America has road construction going on constantly, but the traffic never improves. This is just a little something that boggles my mind.

I hate to keep picking on Los Angeles, but Santa Monica doesn’t register on the insurance Richter scale like Los Angeles. With that being said, if you live anywhere near South Central Los Angeles, you will need life insurance. Don’t be surprised if the premiums are a little higher than normal. You will soon find out why.

Back to earthquakes; why in the world are people literally making plans on retiring to a state in which the ground moves; frequently! No, really, the ground moves! Maybe, I am not being clear enough, the ground moves. In fact, if I was out there I would need extra health insurance because I would be consumed with postulating when the state will fall into the ocean. Who makes predictions like that anyway? Imagine, you are watching the news and the weather guy says, “Today we have sunny skies and no chance of rain. You can expect the high to be around 92, and by the way, look for the state to total fall off into the ocean. Are you kidding me?

How many parents couldn’t get their kids to go to school after something like that?

The truth is that California is an awesome state and next to San Francisco, Los Angeles is my favorite city to visit there, but even in a gorgeous state like California things happen. No, no one wants to give a company money on a just in case scenario, but the alternative is definitely not a good one.

So, we will have to learn how to fork over the cash and smile, because when that accident happens or that surgery is needed, we will be thinking, “Man, I am so glad I got this insurance.” It is always better to be safe than it is to be sorry.

Purchasing Insurance in Los Angeles

Have you tried to purchase insurance in Los Angeles? Maybe you are new to LA and are wondering how much it will be, what type of insurance you will need and so forth. If so, you might suffer from rate shock (which is comparable to whiplash but often causes gray hair rather than a sore neck)!

Auto Insurance

Los Angeles is widely known as having some of the highest rates for auto insurance, and California in general has become known for high insurance premiums across the board, be it health, home or auto. However, that’s not necessarily the case.

Recently did a study that showed the spots in the United States where it actually does cost the most to insure a vehicle, and California didn’t even make the top ten. The ten top spots were all in Michigan and New York state. So, do not believe everything you hear. If you have a good driving record and shop around, you can find affordable auto insurance in LA.

It also depends upon the type of car you drive and your zip code. In West Los Angeles you have the Santa Monica Freeway, so you know you need the best insurance possible! Or you’ll know as soon as you’ve driven it even once.

Health Insurance

No one wants to be without health insurance, but unfortunately, today, it’s almost of a fact of life. Many employers don’t provide insurance, or if they do, it’s often too costly for individuals. And in this job market, scores of people are either self-employed, under employed or unemployed– and without health insurance because of this fact.

The world is a scary place and its difficult to be without health insurance. Did you know that more people choose to buy pet insurance than health insurance for themselves? Many people think of their pets as children…but don’t forget that someone has to take care of those pups, and you need to stay healthy to do so.

Buying health insurance does not have to break the bank.

Health insurance premiums in California may be going down, due to Obamacare, says one study…but conflicting articles note that individual health care plans, purchased privately, may go up.

If you’ve done any reading, or watched any television, you know that Obamacare will soon be law, and you’ll need to purchase your own health insurance if you aren’t already covered by your parents or an employer.

Earthquake Insurance

Do you have earthquake insurance? Only 17% of Californians do. If you own a home, it may be time to think about. With climate change and premium discounts, it might be the smartest move you can make.

Again, shop around for the best coverage no matter what type of insurance you need, find a plan that gets you what you need at a price you can afford.

No matter what type of insurance you are looking for, or what your zip code, consulting an agent is your best bet for finding good deals on exactly what you need, and want. Don’t wait too long–get insured now, before you really need it.

Returning From A Vegas Trip That Even Stripped the Paint Off His Truck


The character in the commercial has his "Mercury Moment" when, as he returns home to Eagle Rock after a trip to Las Vegas, he encounters what he calls "an insane dust storm." The weather-related event, which stripped the paint off his truck, was not treated as exclusion and was, in fact, covered by his comprehensive auto insurance coverage. Whether or not his trip to Vegas was successful was based on luck. The satisfactory resolution to his claim was based on adequate insurance. Find out more and get a quote here.