All insurance agents are the same (NOT!)


All insurance agents are the same (NOT!)

Insurance agents are all about the big sale. They want to sell you everything you don’t need so they can get a tidy check at the end of every month. All they care about is getting your money. These are all common sentiments when people discuss insurance. We have all heard the horror stories. On one h and, we have an uncle who was badgered so much by his insurance agent, he finally got sick and died with the exact same disease the agent told him would be covered if he bought the new policy. Luckily he had purchased the policy, so his untimely death was not in vain.

Insurance agents are often unscrupulous, trying to get clients to purchase more insurance than they really need at inflated prices. They talk so fast you would have to have bionic ears to decipher all the rhetoric they throw in. Most try and convince their intelligent clients they don’t underst and, but what they are actually doing is trying to confuse and manipulate the buyer. What they tend to forget is, most of their clients aren’t as dumb as they want them to be and will often wise up fairly quickly.

The fact is all insurance agents are not the same. A good life insurance agent will help you figure out what your family will need in case of an emergency and you are no longer there to provide for them. They will get you what you need without burying you financially. Some agents actually care and try to do the best by their clients.

All life insurance agents are the same (NOT!)

Everyone debates the issue of life insurance. Most agree they need it, but then again, who wants to deal with a pushy agent who is only interested in the sale? Agents like that have given insurance a bad name and caused many to go without it when they really needed to have it.

The main question is how do you find an agent who wants to sell a policy just because they know you are going to an eventually die. Believe it or not, good agents are out there. They exist and are not that hard to find, contrary to popular belief. All agents are not the same, in fact, some actually put their customer’s needs before their own.

If you are looking for a life insurance agent, set up a meeting. You will know within the first five minutes of eye contact whether or not they will be willing to help you get what you need. If they make sincere eye contact and actually listen to you when you tell them what you need, you might have picked a winner.

On the other h and, if you walk in and begin to talk less about how much insurance you need and more about how much the premiums will be, you might want to rethink your choice. Agents like that are normally the fast talking, shady type who look like their night job is working at a car lot that sells nothing but lemons and loose promises.

Follow your instinct and choose the agent that’s right for you. And remember, the ones who try to put you into an early grave with all their fast talk and confusion are probably not a good choice!