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Only in Cali

I have had the opportunity to do quite a bit of traveling and I have learned that every town, country, and isl and has its own unique personality. The Caribbean isl anders have a laid back jovial spirit. It is what it is. The people in New York have some serious issues with patience. Everyone seems to be late. The people in Texas are extremely friendly and everybody seems to be early. Did you know that there are places in Texas in which people will pull all the way over, completely off of the road to let someone who’s moving a little faster get by? Right now, everyone that lives in LA is going WHAT?

I pick on Los Angeles a lot. The reason that I pick on Los Angeles so much is because I spend a lot of time there. The people in California are different than anywhere else, and the people in Los Angeles complete different than all of the other people in California. When most people think of California, they think of Los Angeles, but Los Angeles is not a good representative of the rest of the state in any way. A large part of California is dedicated to farming and another significant portion to National Parks. Even with a huge state with close to 40 million people, that much space has to change the dynamic as far as how risks are measured for insurance purposes.

With so much open country the risk factors change. For instance, living in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills places you in a higher premium bracket. An area that densely populated comes with risks. Actually, the majority of premium costs in L.A County is spent on health insurance (plastic surgery). When you span the vast territory of this great state you will become totally awestruck. The state has some of the most beautiful country sides ever. Don’t get too use to the country sides and the brush, some idiot is going to come along and set it on fire. Thus, everyone is California has super fire insurance. You don’t want to know what super fire insurance is. Well, I will tell you anyway. Super fire insurance is that insurance that has premiums that could actually pay for homes in other states.

In Texas, you can get a 5,000 square foot home for around $800 gr and. I tried to take that same budget to California and you should have seen what they showed me. The cost of living is ridiculous. As stated earlier, there are people in California paying premium higher than that. Not really, but I know it feels like it.

On a different note; I know that insurance is necessary and that it can help a family get back on track in the event of some type of catastrophic event, but there are certain things that money can’t replace. I have viewed some of the faces of people who have lost their homes to brush fires and it makes you feel their pain. Kudos to the insurance agents, adjusters, and companies that work hard to put a smile back on the faces of these devastated people.

Okay, enough of that. California is the only state that could be so culturally diverse and yet have a personality so distinctive and cohesive; even when you consider Los Angeles.