I Will Live Forever!

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I Will Live Forever!

I will live forever! Immortality does not play a factor for most people when they begin planning for retirement or death (immortals; please skip to the Lifetime Annuities section).

Do you wish you could live forever?
Do you wish you could live forever?

Enjoying many, many more years

While you plan your retirement, you should plan to live past 90-years old, seriously. No one really plans to live that long, but thanks to advanced health care and proper nutrition, the number of people living beyond 90-years triples every year.

Without proper planning, this means you will have to work longer and harder because no one wants a lazy, unemployed 100-year old underfoot all day.

Plus, your heirs will know you have lived beyond your retirement savings and survive on less than $1,500 a month. Your bad planning can ruin their plans of living off your money in your home. Then, they will start taking your belongings and ask you to hold the door open while they do it.

It’s not really about you

Your selfishness and bad planning can adversely affect several generations, so plan for their futures, not just yours, and buy a life insurance policy that will support their plans of sitting in front of the television and buying As Seen on TV products until the money is gone.

If you enjoy a healthy, smoke-free, fat-free, fun-free life at the age of 30, you can leave your children and gr andchildren enough money to party away their college years. They may even hold a proper funeral for you instead of using the plot they bought in the neighbor’s pet cemetery.

Lifetime annuities

Choose an annuity plan that guarantees you a monthly income that will pay the bills, buy food and let you play internet slots 12-hours a day until the end of your life. Even if you live forever, you will have a monthly income.

You can even have fun with your death benefits and your heirs: Leave everything to your poodle and watch from above as the contested Will crawls through the cluttered court system.