How I Saved $472 on My Homeowner’s Insurance

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How I Saved $472 on My Homeowner’s Insurance

Looking for the best deal on homeowner’s insurance? You want to save money, but you also need to make sure that you’re fully covered by a reliable company in case something ever happens. You don’t have to browse for bare bones policies in order to save money! Talk to your insurance agent about these five discounts and you can save $472 annually, just like I did!

  1. Security Savings – $128

Insurance companies offer big discounts for security systems, and it’s not as hard to capitalize on as you’d think. We have a simple Nest security camera and I almost didn’t mention it because I thought that it had to be a comprehensive, wired system. Nope! Even a Ring doorbell or simple wifi camera in your window can help you save big.

  1. Safety First – $32

You should already have smoke detectors installed, so make sure that you’re getting credit for them. Whether you have a comprehensive wired system or individual battery smoke detectors, it’s easy to receive fire safety discounts.

  1. Education Counts – $51

Did you know that your college education is a discount? As it turns out, my BA college degree instantly saves me $51 a year! Getting the degree was a lot of hard work, but this discount sure is easy. It also applies to BS or equivalent and any higher education degrees.

  1. Update? Discount! – $128

Updating your home can help you save on more than just heating and repair costs. We completed several much-needed renovation projects, ranging from plumbing to heating and air, electrical, and fixing the roof. That hard work saves us more than $100 every year with a lower premium. Updates are expensive, so make sure to grab your rightful discounts!

  1. All Bundled Up – $132

Chances are, you probably need both home and auto insurance. Enjoy the biggest discount available simply by bundling them together with the same company and save money on both policies. After comparing policies, we knew exactly what company we wanted to choose for homeowner’s insurance and adding auto to the bundle was the obvious choice.

With Susman Insurance, you’ll enjoy the best mix of personal service and automated quote tools, so it’s easy to get the best deal. You can get a quote now!  I saved $472 on my insurance simply by having a conversation!