Driving Me Crazy

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Driving Me Crazy

Until a couple of years ago, I could not underst and the term uninsurable. You see I am a pretty good driver. The last time I was ticketed for a moving violation, I was a freshman in college. So, even when I was young, my rates were low, at least for being a male. I could never quite fathom what it would take for a person to be uninsurable as a motorist. What would it take? Would a couple of speeding tickets totally disqualify you? Maybe if you had several speeding tickets and a couple of accidents, it would disqualify you.

I found that they have policies for almost any situation. You have to be a pretty terrible driver to be considered uninsurable. Well, a couple of years ago, I met a person that never met a school speed zone she didn’t feel the need to challenge. She had this uncanny knack of winding up in the crosshairs of the police. She actually was charged with drunk driving, when she hadn’t even taken a drink. She is a borderline narcoleptic, so she falls to sleep at the drop of a dime, anywhere. Obviously her driving behavior made it seem as if she was inebriated.

She has totaled a car and received so many tickets that her licensed was suspended. You would think that would qualify her for the designation, uninsurable, right? Nope! There were still companies willing to insure her.

You would think that at some point, the risk would be so great that the proposed premium would not make since, but some kind of way there seems to be an insurance company that doesn’t mind assuming exceptionally high risk.

Personally, I would not take the chance of insuring this person. I don’t believe in luck, so that means that her driving ability sucks, or her decision making sucks, or maybe it’s both. I guess this is why I am not running an insurance company.

This takes me back to the term uninsurable. It seems that it’s another one of those insurance related anomalies. My insurance agent or broker could not explain to me in a way that met my expectation. As far as accidents are concerned, as long as you don’t have three or four in the same week, they are not that scary to insurance companies. It seems that the numbers say that at some point you will have an accident. These same numbers say that those that have recently been in an accident are less likely to be in another one within in a certain time frame. So, a person that has just had an accident is less risky to an insurance company than, well, me. According to the numbers, I am due for an accident any time now. Wow, that makes me feel great.

As I me ander through the maze of the insurance conundrum, I have been dubbed a risk because I have no tickets and no accidents and that defies statistics. On the other h and, my female friend who seems to be constantly looking for a ways to tear up her vehicle is considered a viable risk. I am so glad that I don’t live my life by numbers.

Oh, by the way, I still haven’t figure out the wholr uninsurable thing.