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Cool Facts!

California is the nation’s most populated state. With nearly 40 million residents, California has more occupants than Canada. No wonder Canada behaves so well; no man power. Can you imagine being responsible for forty million people? The Prime Minister of Canada can’t. No wonder the Governors in that state of California are always flipping out. Just kidding! Then there are so many diverse backgrounds to deal with. With California being a “minority” “majority” state, for those that don’t know that means that means the state has more minorities than they do whites, which are the majority in America.

For an insurance actuary, dealing with such diversity must be quite a challenge. Insurance actuaries have the tough job of measuring the risks associated with insuring different people in different ways. How does this play out for an actuary that is determining the baseline premiums for a city like Santa Monica or Pacific Palisades, for instance? Wait…who in the world names these cities? I often wonder about that. Don’t get me wrong, I think Pacific Palisades is a cool name, but I would like to interview the person who named it.

Okay back to the actuary. What happens in Pacific Palisades that would have any true negative impact on the insurance premiums in that town? If it seems that I am asking a lot of questions, that is what people do when they don’t anything. Under normal circumstances, Pacific Palisades would get extremely low premiums, but they are in brush fire laden California. Have I ever mentioned the fact that I have this theory that all of the brush fires in California are started by the same person? They say that the majority of these fires are started by campers or someone tossing a cigarette. Personally, I just don’t think that it’s that many dunces in California. Given, there is the possibility that there could be an imported dunce or two from another state.

You would think that people that have any knowledge of this state would know better than to be irresponsible with fire. Okay, granted, some of the fires are started by lightning strikes. Well, I am not going to touch that one. God can throw lightening bold wherever He so chooses.

This leads me back to my original theory. I think that there is this one person that has nothing better to do than to go around starting brush fires. Before you go off trying to debunk my theory, please underst and that I have put a lot of time and thought into this and I have considered all of the possibilities. Just let me make it on this one and we all will be a whole lot happier.

I promise that it was not my intention to spend so much time discussing the Brush Fire B andit. It was my intent to take a couple of shots at Los Angeles. What is a conversation about California and insurance if you don’t take a couple of shots at LA? Maybe I will give Los Angeles a pass this time around; then again, maybe not. If anyone ever asks you to give a valid reason for having insurance, any type of insurance, simply take them on a short trip to LA. You don’t even have to say anything.