Can somebody with HIV get Life Insurance?

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Can somebody with HIV get Life Insurance?

Yes! Healthy people living with HIV are now eligible to apply for life insurance. Life insurance companies are coming around to the notion that being HIV Positive does not hold the same mortality that it once did. Previously, buying Life Insurance if you have the HIV virus was next to impossible. Practically all life insurance applications would ask whether the potential client had ever tested positive for the HIV virus. If answered yes, this was an automatic decline for new life insurance policies.

As time goes by, and medical advances continue, the HIV virus is now being treated as a condition in the eyes of some insurance companies. More specifically, as insurers began to underwrite these types of life insurance risks, they were extremely rigid and based their acceptance or declination on test results such as the client’s CD4 viral count. What is being found is that a more holistic approach to underwriting is presenting good risks for life insurance companies and more opportunities for people living with HIV to obtain coverage.

The key component being examined now is whether individuals have their treatment under control. Are they taking care of themselves, eating well, exercising, taking their medications as prescribed by their physicians and keeping an eye on their overall health and well-being. If you or someone you know is living with HIV and wants to get Life Insurance, please have them contact us for a private consultation.

Life insurance products currently available include Term life insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance and even Group Term Life insurance. Let’s all be happy with the progress we have seen with treatments and the goal of putting an end to the entire HIV epidemic by 2030.