All Choked Up

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All Choked Up

I have had the unfortunate ‘pleasure’ of experiencing numerous surgeries during my life thus far. None of them have been fun and all of them have been painful. I am grateful that each and every surgery served their purpose, but I am still counting the days with a HUGE smile on my face since the last time I had a surgery – this is the longest I have gone without! (knock on wood)

During one of the procedures, the anesthetic wore off too soon and I woke while still being operated on. Believe me, it was as much of a shock to me as it was to the surgery team. I freaked and yanked the breathing tube from my throat and caused a ton of damage to my esophagus. So now, I choke a lot. The biggest culprit – peanut M&Ms. I love that delicious treat, but almost like clockwork when I eat them I choke. Bad. I takes a good slam to the back to get it out and then hours for my eyes to stop watering and throat to stop hurting. I should stop eating them, but that has yet to happen.

Like EVERYONE, I still take part in activities that I know I shouldn’t and that put me at a greater risk for injury or illness. It is stupid and reckless, but they taste SO good!

That goodness I have almost every type of insurance coverage on myself possible…

Now, where are my M&Ms?