A Little Free Will Goes a Long Way

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A Little Free Will Goes a Long Way

fateI have a little story to tell you…
Once upon a time, there was a lovely couple who had just arrived home from the hospital after welcoming a beautiful new addition to their family. This little bundle was EVERYTHING to her parents. She had only been breathing oxygen for 48 hours and somehow she had already managed to mommy’s heart and wrap daddy around her itty-bitty finger. They lived a moderate life but they loved each other fiercely and that was always enough.

Tragedy struck late one night when fate stepped in, altering their journey forever. Mom and dad were driving home from an anniversary date on a cool October evening when they were hit and killed by a drunk driver.

Now let’s talk about free will

Thankfully, the parents had chosen to buy life insurance…
Of course the young girl struggled immensely with the loss of her parents, but they had set up a plan which was executed by good, honest people. The young girl was able to continue growing up in a moderately comfortable environment. She worked hard in school and was accepted into the college of her dreams which she was able to attend due to her parent’s proper planning making it financially possible for her to go. While there, she met people who became friends for life, and who helped her on her journey through school and then out into the big world of career planning. She l anded a great job and found her chemical match in an artsy, ambitious man who challenged her daily to be the very best in her field and in life.

Imagine how different her life would have been if her parents hadn’t chosen to protect their daughter’s future. Their death was a horrible tragedy but in it, they were able to give their daughter the gift of life… and a great one at that.

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