You Cannot Get Life Insurance?

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You Cannot Get Life Insurance?

If you have been unable to buy a life insurance policy because you have a preexisting condition, you need to do some more research. If your insurance agent has signed you up for a life insurance policy not once or twice but three times, and you have been turned down, get a new insurance agent and begin your search again.

Do not think that because you have some condition or illness you can never buy a life insurance policy. People who have certain conditions think that they cannot be insured. Unbelievably some even think that because they have or have had head lice they will not be insurable. Chronic headaches, hearing loss, heart attack history, heartburn, hepatitis, HIV, hives and hypothyroidism are, but a few of the diagnosis that life insurance companies turn people down.

My dad had no life insurance policy coverage and last in 2013 suffered from a heart attack. His heart stopped, and he was clinically dead. CPR revived him. A few months later, I was able to get a life insurance policy for him. This policy is strictly for the end of life expenses, such as funeral and cemetery expenses. The coverage is affordable for him.

Contact us today about the kind of life insurance that is right for you. Whether it is term, whole, universal, variable or survivorship life insurance, we can help you structure the right plan around your budget. Do not risk placing a financial burden on your family, should you pass away.