Why I love Life Insurance

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Why I love Life Insurance

There are many things I love. My family and chocolate are just a few. But do you know why I love life insurance? It is true. Let me count the ways.

  1. It can provide a way for my family to pay off all of the mistakes we made in using our credit cards.
  2. It can help pay for a college education for my kids.
  3. It can help leave a legacy for my college or a favorite charity even though I don’t have lots of money.
  4. It can pay off my home, assuring my family has a place to live that they love.
  5. It can give my kids a financial headstart even though I may not be around.
  6. It is affordable and I have options of what type to buy, whole life or term.
  7. It allows me to meet new people like an insurance agent.
  8. I helped me learn a new oxymoron…"death benefits."
  9. It makes me feel better.

Oh, I’m sure there are many reasons to love life insurance but these are just a few of mine. My favorite reason for loving life insurance? It makes me feel better. I bet it will make you feel better too.