Why I Love Homeowners Insurance

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Why I Love Homeowners Insurance

Most of us are insurance to death and hate insurance. However, I am one that loves my homeowners insurance and so does my mortgage corporation. My mortgage company will not let me have my home if I do not have protection on my house. This is the only way they are going to get their Almighty Dollar back that I loaned from them if some unfortunate circumstance destroys my house.

I have charged too many possessions to risk having them destroyed in a fire or by an act of God before I get my charge cards paid off.

Little did we know that when we bought our home we had some shady characters as neighbors? I am glad that our home protects us from break-ins and theft.

The zone we bought our home in is also in an area that is frequented by weather calamities, like a tornado and flood zone. There are no worries for us because we have a flood and wind endorsement on our homeowner’s policy.

One neighbor we have brags about all the lawsuits he has won. A slip and fall accident by him on our property would not be good news. Our homeowner’s protects us from injuries on our property.

I love my homeowner’s insurance. It gives me peace of mind and security for all mishaps.