Why I Love Auto Insurance

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Why I Love Auto Insurance

The principal reason that I love auto insurance is I do not like penal colonies. I have never been in a house of detention, but I can just presume what it might be like. Most states have grave punishments for driving without auto insurance. There are stiff penalties, possible jail time, license suspensions and none of the consequences of driving without auto insurance are good.

Driving without auto insurance and being involved in a road accident is not good news, particularly if it was your fault. Even if, it was not your fault, an accident can destroy your life in every way, and turn your world upside down.

Some day the government may decide that they need to enact a tax on auto insurance. At the present time, we can delight in one of the few things in life that are tax free.

Given the right endorsements in your auto insurance policy, will bail out you out of an accident or highway breakdown and deliver your gas when your fuel tank reads empty, even though it was your mistake. It will tow your vehicle to a safe destination if you have a towing endorsement.

Do not go without auto insurance, never, ever! The risks are too high. This is why I love auto insurance.