When An Indoor Pool Suggestion Fails, Get The Next Best Thing And Purchase Flood Insurance

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When An Indoor Pool Suggestion Fails, Get The Next Best Thing And Purchase Flood Insurance

The weatherman forecasts torrential rains to hit your area for the next two weeks. While the river waters behind your house rise and your cell phone makes loud, high-pitched beeping noises from the National Weather Service concerning the flood watches in your area, your spouse asks about what you plan to do to protect the house from the inevitable flooding.

This is your time to shine with a brilliant idea. You unfurl blueprints of the construction of an indoor pool located right in the middle of your living room. You proudly display how all that free flood water will be channeled into the pool through carefully constructed channels in those areas where you believe the water will try to enter the house. When the flood waters begin to fall, you’ll have a great indoor pool to relax in during the summer and an indoor skating rink in the winter.

You begin to reconsider the idea when your spouse smacks you up along the side of your head. She brings up some very valid points about how much it would cost to tear out the flooring to create the pool area, how much it would cost to build the channels, and the likelihood that anyone swimming in the extremely dirty flood water could potential get a deadly bacteria infection and die.

She h ands you the cell phone and the business card for your insurance agent. What a great idea to ask him for his opinion about an indoor pool and skating rink!

Unfortunately, your agent agrees with your wife. The best way to deal with rising flood water is to ensure that you have the appropriate flood insurance.

Flood insurance isn’t normally included in a st andard policy, and you need to ensure that the amount of flood insurance you do get covers your house and the possessions. The amount of information you didn’t know about flood insurance is staggering. But your agent is there to answer all the questions you have about the total policy amount you can get to cover your home and the amount you can get for your possessions. You decide to purchase a flood insurance policy immediately.

You hang up the phone and explain to your spouse about everything the agent talked about, as she breathes a sigh of relief. You go to put your tools away and protect some of the more important items in your home from the rising flood waters as you put away your worries about the damage that may be caused. You have the right flood insurance policy for your home.

Now, the only thing left to do is to convince your wife about building a barbecue into the trunk of your car for tailgating parties. As you begin to pull out a second set of blueprints, she tells you to call back the insurance agent concerning any other changes you want to make to the house, car, or other belongings you own. That is a very smart idea as you pick up the phone and begin to dial your agent’s number again.