Warehouse 13 should never die!

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Warehouse 13 should never die!

Life can be funny sometimes. Each day that we wake up to another day, there is a realm of possibilities that await us, like finding out that a favorite show has been cancelled or in cable television lingo is in its final episodes.

One such show that’s in its final episodes is the SyFy series Warehouse 13. Warehouse 13 is a series that delves into the world of magical “artifacts” that have certain powers that usually in most cases usually have a terrible effect and sometimes has earth shattering consequences.

One of Sci-Fi's best original works!
One of ScyFy’s best!

The warehouse and its host of never ending artifacts are tended to by three warehouse agents named Pete Lattimer, Mika Bering, and Arti Nielsen along and along with Claudia Donovan, the enigmatic Mrs. Frederic who seems to appear and disappear when the warehouse is in dire need of her help, and finally the newest addition to the team agent Steve Jinks.

This group of devoted warehouse caretakers is almost like an insurance policy for humanity against the situations that ordinary everyday folk face from the artifacts stored within the warehouse.

The series does have its serious moments, but there’s also the sometimes very funny chemistry and sexual tension between Pete and Mika…tension that almost always lends itself to humorous tongue in cheek moments between the two.

The series has introduced many memorable characters over the years, but none more memorable than that of writer H.G. Wells who I’m sure many of you believe is a man, and of course like the rest of us you’d be wrong as we discover that Wells is actually a woman.

That revelation led to a few memorable adventures that were actually some of the best the series offered up to its devoted fans over its five seasons.

While Warehouse 13 may have become terminal and in its final death throes, the fan will never let the series die because it stories and characters will always stay securely locked inside the confines of its own warehouse.