Until Death Do Us Part

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Until Death Do Us Part

Okay, I am contacted and asked to write an article about burial insurance. The first thing that goes through my mind is: Are they sure they want me to write this one? Those who know me underst and that I find the humor in almost everything I encounter. It is something that is as innate in me as breathing. Most people don’t find death funny at all. Neither do I. I find the humor in the things that surround situations that involve death.

Thinking about death and insurance sort of brings up one of the most consistent and enigmatic thoughts that plague me on a daily basis. Those of you that know me, know things are about to get a little crazy. My thoughts are not always the most coherent and fluid. So, it’s up to you to keep up.

I often wonder about the gravity that rests on newlyweds as they began their dissention from honeymoon bliss into the real world of matrimony. Okay, you are wondering how I got from death to marriage; if you have to ask… Back to the gravity of eternally connected to another. For you to truly grasp this, you married couples are going to have to be honest with yourselves, and you single people, oh well. There comes a point after all of the festivities and the honeymoon trip, that you wake up a look at that person and realize that you are tied to that person for the rest of your life. For some it is five years later, others 10 years later, and there are some who realize it the very next day.

Now we know in America, where the divorce rate is over 50 percent, that the definition of the term life partner is somewhat skewed, but for the sake of argument, let’s just say until death do us part actually has true significance. This means one morning you will wake up and realize that this is it. You are with this person for life.

I’m at this wedding and I am watching the groom. If you are at a wedding and you are getting bored, just watch the groom. This guy is sweating bullets. I am not quite sure what makes grooms so tense during weddings, but all I know is if I keep my eye on the groom long enough, he is going to do something significant to reveal his anxiety, and if I am really lucky, he is going to pass out. You would think that someone would tell him not to lock his knees, oh well. His loss is my gain.

Anyway, I am sitting at this wedding and I rating how long it will be before the premiums on their life insurance or burial insurance is actually put to use. Will she drive him to suicide? Will he simply get sick of her nagging exercise the “death do us part” clause in the nuptials? Personally, I don’t know if I want someone tied to me where the only option is death. I could very easily drive someone to the point of snuffing my light out. The thing is that no matter how many times I go to these weddings and how many evaluations I make I find that death has its own way of ringing the bell of finality in marriage. The key is to be prepared. The cost of a burial policy is minimal when considering the comfort that the benefit will bring one day.

You don’t get to choose when, but you have time to begin preparation.