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Too Much To Think About

I am an analytical thinker. I will find a way to anatomize anything. I am always looking for underlying motives, catalysts, and causations. From my personal perspective, nothing is as simple as it seems on the surface. What I can tell you is this: If you want to break someone from being too analytical, simply invite them to evaluate the insurance industry and its products.

I don’t care who you are, all of the different mechanisms that make up the insurance industry would make Socrates sit down somewhere and be quiet. There are annuities, 401K plans, life insurance (this includes term life and whole life [does this mean there is half life?], automobile insurance, home owners insurance, and we have not even scratched the surface yet.

The intricacies of the insurance world are to be marveled at. Insurance has been officially declared the eighth wonder of the world.

Okay, here is the analytical thinker in me rising to the surface. I just have to know. Who in the world is sitting around thinking up all of these different products and policies with all of the slight variations? I would definitely hate to be the actuary that has to crunch the numbers to set the rates for all of this stuff.

To the average person, having all of these options may seem great, but to me I still believe in simple. It’s kind of like Whataburger verses Jack in the Box. If you have to go for a fast food hamburger, you want a Whataburger. That is what they do, burgers. On the other h and, there is Jack in the Box. They have the funnier commercials, but they really have too much going on. When I was a kid, it was simple; you pull up, talk to the clown and ask for a Jumbo Jack and a strawberry shake. Now, the menu is so extensive that you need a smart phone and an internet connection to figure it out. I believe the last time I was there they were selling lottery tickets.

This is how it is with insurance now. My agent says, “You can have it your way.” Really, are you serious? I don’t have a way. I just want some insurance please. I want to go back to the time when the insurance salesman with the short sleeve shirt and the neck tie came by the house with this one policy that covered everything, including the dog. It was so simple then.

There is no arguing with the fact that everyone needs insurance in some way or another. My concern is the more complicated it gets the more chances that I am going to choose the wrong package. This is where having an agent that can be trusted comes in h andy. The truth is having choices is a good thing; it insures that you are not spending money on features you to don’t need and will never be able to take advantage of. It also insures that you won’t have to miss out on protection because a certain coverage or product is not included in your particular package.

I guess analytical thinkers like me will have to step back and trust the experts.