You Ask Anyone


You Ask Anyone

Ask anyone you know and they will promptly tell you that when you least expect something to happen, it will. No one ever expects to get hit by a baseball sent flying from a neighbor boy’s foul ball, slipping down a flight of steps carrying a laundry basketful of clothes or nailed by your mailbox after the city snow plow sends it flying off its post. It’s when you begin to take for granted that you haven’t had an accident or injury that they begin to appear, often times with a vengeance.

Prove you are right.  Solve your dispute now, online.
Prove you are right. Solve your dispute now, online.

Disability insurance as well as long term care coverage are extremely valuable when you are preparing for your future. Instead of investing in large amounts of bubble wrap, duct tape and a staple gun to secure you to a stable foundation, a better option is to investigate various types of insurance policies that will allow you to live your life to the fullest without fear of the unexpected.

Ask anyone you know about the importance of being prepared. Although you can’t predict the pattern of an errant foul ball or prevent the city snow plow from launching your mailbox through your living room window, you can protect yourself from financial loss due to those same events. Any unexpected injury can lead to months of recover. Don’t let yourself be a victim.

Plan ahead and make sure you are able to h andle life’s little emergency, no matter what type gets thrown your way.  Don’t believe me?  Find out for yourself at