Give Me a Home, Where the Buffalo Roam


Give Me a Home, Where the Buffalo Roam

[youtube][/youtube]Travelers Insurance executive Stephanie McNamara leads us on a tour of the company’s phenomenal 108,000 square foot facility in Windsor, Connecticut. Equipped with two full-scale and furnished home models as well as a small business “Windsor Mini-Mart” model, a heavy equipment lab and an auto repair training facility, this university trains an average of 8,500 Travelers Claim professions annually.

As Stephanie emphasizes, Travelers Home Insurance strives to “not just refund your loss, but to restore your life.” Along these lines, Travelers home insurance protects not just your residence, but you personal belongings as well. Every aspect of how a claim loss might affect you and your family is addressed. The company pays for you to stay in a hotel during the repair or rebuilding process and replaces the materials, appliances and materials used in the original construction of your home with those of similar quality, regardless of the higher present day costs. This is an important promise. Despite decreased home value recently, the costs of building materials continues to rise. For example, copper wiring has increased 19 percent, insulation by 12 percent and asphalt shingles by eight percent just in the past year!

Stephanie also makes the sobering point that adequate home insurance is not just a necessity for individuals who live “somewhere else” or in a potentially dangerous area such as Watts. She cites that over 4.5 million Americans live in areas impacted by weather-related disasters in just the past five years. In 2011 alone, there were 14 separate weather disasters — each a catastrophe to every resident affected — that caused over one billion dollars in damage each.

Customers can take action to help reduce the cost of their home insurance policies and their insurance premiums. In some cases, the installation of a security system can reduce policy costs. Upgrading home electrical, plumbing and heating systems not only save you money via increased energy efficiency but also decrease your premiums and may be tax-deductible. Choosing alternative building materials — such as flame resistant supplies — when remodeling or rebuilding your home can decrease future costs. Finally, purchasing different insurance policies for your different needs — bundling — can provide a significant discount. Get a proposal now by visiting here.