Traveler’s Claim University


Traveler’s Claim University

[youtube][/youtube]While it’s reassuring to know that insurance agents attend Travelers’ Claim University and the facility’s Auto Lab to best learn how to evaluate automobile claims, it’s a college of which I hope to never to require the services of an alumnus. Travelers representative Julio Martinez, however, provides valuable information regarding the facility and the automobile insurance it helps claims representatives best administer.

Claims representatives learn how to evaluate what different types of damage require repair in the Auto Lab. But learning what fixes are necessary to repair you vehicle is only part of the curriculum. Additional options to a straight policy for repair or replacement only are discussed, including towing your car to a repair shop, providing you with a rental car during your car’s repair and — depending upon the auto’s manufacturer — assistance in locating your car if stolen.

Newer car insurance options that have become available recently are also explained. Some optional policies will replace your car up to a five-year old model with a br and new model if your vehicle is totaled in an accident. Newer loan gap coverage pays off the balance of your car loan, even if this amount exceeds the car’s value. Car insurance options can also pay for accident-related expenses such as legal expenses if sued and medical expenses for injured passengers.

Aside from your driving history and the cost of your car, many factors influence the cost of automobile insurance. The cost of repair and replacement parts have increased in price, oil-derived product costs have risen by 23 percent, sheet metal by 12 percent, rubber by 32 percent in addition to increased healthcare costs. You can help control costs by driving safely and taking advantage of offered advantages, such as the Safe Driver Advantage, the Hybrid Car Advantage, a low mileage commute (such as that from Montecito Country Club to Coast Village), a low mileage use, the Good Student Discount, satisfactory completion of driver training and safety courses and bundled or multi-policy discounts. Get a quote here.