Yes I Have Worker’s Comp Insurence, It’s the Law


Yes I Have Worker’s Comp Insurence, It’s the Law

I have a safe, reliable office job, but even in the office accidents can happen. Thankfully they are rare in an environment like this, but when accidents do happen, it gives me peace of mind to know that if something happened to me my worker’s compensation insurance -which my employer is required to provide by law– would cover me in the event of work related illness or injury.

After all, you never know what could happen. The other day, my desk mate, Penny was using her stapler to collate the new safety manual for the office when her phone rang. In what could have been a terrible disaster, the stapler flew out of her h and and nearly missed our supervisor, Bob. It was so close that he later said he felt it whizz by before he realized what happened. Thankfully it missed and he was fine. He started laughing and the whole office did too.

But it got me thinking, what if it hadn’t missed and it hit someone in the head? Those staplers can be pretty heavy. Or what if she had stapled her h and instead? That’s why I’m grateful for workman’s comp.

Worker's Comp is the best way for an employer to protect themselves
Worker’s Comp is the best way for an employer to protect themselves

Earthquakes – Not Just a California Problem

When you live in California, the song "I Feel the Earth Move" is more than just a fun tune for dancing. The Golden State is known for Hollywood, smog and earthquakes. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, Southern California experiences over 10,000 earthquakes a year. Most are so small, no one feels them. However, there are quakes that we do feel, and those are the ones that can do the most damage to property and cause injuries.So, to protect ourselves when the earth decides it needs to adjust itself, we have insurance.

But California isn’t the only state that deals with earthquakes, so don’t think that just because you live in Roanoke you don’t have to worry about it. The USGS reports that 39 states could experience an significant earthquake. Significant being a quake of at least a 7.5 magnitude on the Richter scale. That means 75 million people at any given point might see their wedding pictures quiver, their china shimmy and their dogs running around barking at the ground.

Check with your insurance agent and find out your risk for an earthquake. Once you know the possibilties you can decide if earthquake insurance is right for you.