Why I Love Term Life Insurance


Why I Love Term Life Insurance

I love term life insurance because it helps to secure my future in case something happens to me. It will protect my loved ones from financial disaster should I die.

I love term life insurance because I can get it at a fixed rate and is renewal when the term expires. Term life insurance is least expensive to obtain, so it fits better into my budget. My term life will help to replace my income should I decease. It will help to pay off a number of things so as not to be a burden on my family. It will take care of my debt, medical care, student loans, end of life expenses such as funeral costs and my mortgage.

If I bought a term policy for one year and I am told that I am going to die within one year, the death benefit is paid. No death benefit is paid if I were to die one day after the term should end. It is not likely that I will ever chose one year policies unless the doctor said I had less than one year to live.

At terms end, I can renew my life insurance or convert it to a permanent type life insurance.