Why You Should Insure Your Jewelry


Why You Should Insure Your Jewelry

Everyone usually has at least one piece of valuable jewelry. Some people wear their jewelry all the time, while others have their everyday jewelry and then the jewelry they bust out on special occasions. See if any of the following scenarios apply to you:

  • Grammy Gert left you her engagement ring.
  • Your husb and gives you jewelry for every occasion. Without fail.
  • Your engagement ring cost three-months’ salary.

Don’t you think these items should be protected? Yes, you keep them in a dust-free jewelry box, and the really good stuff goes into the safe or fire-proof box, but is that protection enough? In the event of a break-in or fire, how would you repair or replace the items?

Of course, there is no replacing an heirloom such as your gr andmother’s engagement ring, but your husb and spent three-months salary on your ring. Whether he’s an investment banker or manager of an In-N-Out Burger, three months worth of his hard-earned money is worth protecting, don’t you think?

Oh, and think about this: According to the Jewelers Security Alliance, California had the most jewelry thefts in the US in 2010.

So, while you ponder this statistic while absent-mindedly fondling the jewelry you’re currently wearing, perhaps it is time you insured Grammy Gert’s ring and your other jewelry possessions.

It’s easy to add your jewelry to your existing homeowner’s ore renter’s policy. Just call you agent as request the rider be included on your current insurance. You will need to know an approximate value of your jewelry, and you’ll need to give a complete inventory of what you want covered. And when you get a new piece of jewelry, you’ll want to call and add it to the inventory. Jewelry is typically insured by it’s replacement cost or appraisal value, so you should also have your jewelry apprised by a professional.

Side note: go to a jeweler that you trust for the appraisal, and tell them it is for insurance purposes. Otherwise, you might get a lower appraisal value than the jewelry is actually worth, especially if the jeweler is interested in purchasing the jewelry. He’s not going to tell you how much it’s actually worth if he wants to buy it. The American Gem Society website has a search feature so you can find an appraiser near you, whether you’re in Los Angeles, Burbank or Sherman Oaks.

Which could lead to an interesting conversation with your spouse. Especially if he or she frequents auctions.

Police auctions.

Don’t laugh, it happens.

But wherever the jewelry comes from, once it is yours, you should protect it from damage and theft.

Karl Susman, Agent