So Little Time


So Little Time

Wake. Workout. Eat. Shower. Coffee. Makeup. Hair. Coffee. Clothes. Drive. Coffee. Work, Work, Work, Work. Eat. Work, Work, Work, Work. Drive. Eat. Makeup. Hair. Clothes. Drive. Socialize. Eat. Drive. Sleep. REPEAT.  (sometimes I forget about the whole eating and sleeping thing)

That is just a ‘normal’ day. That doesn’t include my to-do list.

Life is full of schedules, activities, appointments, routines – and then some.  If you are like me, then you know that slowing down is not an option.  I am working hard to build a career for myself and attempt to have something that resembles a social and love life.  I don’t have time to stop and a read bunch of paperwork or add additional appointments to my schedule.  I don’ want to be bogged down with information that is overly technical and that doesn’t give me exactly what I need in a few short bullet points or paragraphs.  When I need to get something done, I want to do it in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  Time is the most precious commodity.  MY most precious commodity.  I don’t want it wasted.

When it comes to purchasing an insurance policy, I need to know that whether it is for auto, home, earthquake insurance, flood insurance, jewelry, renters, condo, house, life, or health insurance the entire process with be efficient, knowledgeable, and straight to the point.  With our business, online, over the phone, or in person – purchasing the insurance YOU need insurance has never been easier.  There are numerous methods to find quotes and purchase inventory – online, over the phone, thru an app, and even in person (GASP!). With so many options, there really isn’t a time excuse.  You can choose what will best fit in to your schedule. I mean, I can choose what will best fit in to my schedule.

I know the importance of having the proper insurance coverage, which means I also know I need to make the time to get it!

I am busy.  You are busy.  Let Susman Insurance Agency do the work for you, so you can use your time for that crazy-busy schedule.

Nobody Has Time For That!
Nobody Has Time For That!

You Need Renters Insurance!

Okay, so you don’t own the house or apartment you live in, but you own the items inside, right? Your bed, the television you watch, the computer you’re using to read this; all belong to you or someone who lives in the house. So why not make sure you can afford to replace these things in the event something happens.

Sure you may think, “Meh, all my stuff is old and broken down. It’s not worth insuring.”

Also known as Tenant insurance protects your stuff! Let us help you get the insurance you need!
Also known as Tenant insurance protects your stuff! Let us help you get the insurance you need!

It may be old and not in the best shape, but it’s still useable. Also, just because you don’t think something is worth much, doesn’t mean someone won’t steal it. Now, imagine how much it would cost to replace your old stuff. All of it.

That insurance is sounding better and better, isn’t it?

Renters insurance is pretty inexpensive. Sure you might have to give up a latte or two — a month — to afford it, but isn’t going without caffeine worth the peace of mind of knowing that if your l andlord’s “trick” to fixing the breaker box is unsuccessful and the building catches fire, all your worldly possessions can be replaced?

Get renters insurance.


Thank you.

Why I Love Renters Insurance

When I first started renting, I assumed the property owner provided all the insurance to protect my area. All the property owner insures is their apartment complex against damage.

I have to ensure my personal belongings. This includes all of my electronics and kitchen appliances. This also covers my expensive shoe collection and clothing. To make a long story short, my policy covers everything I own and have in my apartment.

This is a good thing because I have come to distrust my neighbors. I do not want to come home from work some day and find many of my things stolen.

I must have liability coverage in case someone who comes to see me and is injured on the property. I have put myself at risk by renting an apartment, because of other people in my complex. I cannot trust that my apartment neighbors live safely and do not risk my possessions by doing stupid things. I bought a good renter’s insurance policy to secure my possessions and keep me safe.

After I took pictures of all my expensive possessions with the date and amount I paid, I can now rest in the fact that they will be replaced if damaged or stolen. Do not risk your property. If you rent, buy renter’s insurance. You will love your renter’s insurance as much as I love renter’s insurance.

Is My Computer Covered By My Homeowner’s Insurance?

The required response to this question in order to obtain a license to sell insurance in most US states is, “Maybe.” The second required insurance agent phrase now follows. “It depends…”

I can, however, give you one absolute answer hardly tarnished by any hint of equivocation. And that is “No! Your computer will not be covered by your homeowners’ insurance when you find those pictures of your husb and’s ex-girlfriend in that unmarked folder and opt to toss the entire system through the second-story window of your shared study. (The window probably won’t be covered either). Your computer also won’t be covered if it floats in a flood or if an errant piece of Sputnik targets it as it sits on your desk, either.

You might have a claim, though; had you reported that your neighbor’s dog attacked the system.

Here’s when the “insurance speak” begins. It depends. It depends on your coverage, how your computer is damaged or missing, how old the computer is, how much it cost, maybe how much it would cost to replace, whether your policy contains a replacement cost endorsement, who wrote your policy and how much of a deductible you chose when you purchased your policy.

But you aren’t the first person to ask this question. Indeed, according to a May 22nd report 2012 for 2011 claims, Enservio, reported that electronics comprised the second most expensive contents-loss category with a 13 percent Replacement Cost Value (RCV) as determined by the dollar value percent of total claims. Approximately 65 percent of the electronic claims were for loss by theft and claims including this category rose by 15 percent last year. Way back in 2002, when personal computers weighed as much as Vintage VW Bugs, thieves stole over half-a-million computers. The main concern with desktop computers now is identity theft, not theft of the plastic housing. With the advent of portable laptops, the number lost or stolen is so huge isn’t even estimated.

Here are the nuts and bolts: if your computer is covered, it is probably only covered to a limit of perhaps $1,500. This is adequate for most of us. If it requires more than this, you should probably speak to your agent to determine if additional coverage is necessary. Also, unless you purchased a replacement cost endorsement, your claims adjustor will deduct the use and wear of however many years ago you purchased the laptop or desktop. Assuming you bought a scaled down MacBook Pro laptop three years ago, your computer might be currently valued at $500 — not even counting the software updates. But there’s one more thing: you chose that $500 deductible way back when you first purchased your policy. You know, so you could save money. So, your insurance company owes you $0.

Before you throw your arms up and say, “See? Nothing is ever covered!” consider an alternative. For less than a cup of coffee a day, you might have purchased a replacement cost endorsement back when you bought the policy. Depending upon the company and your claims history, you might have purchased a smaller deductible too. If the lowest model MacBook Pro is now $2000 and you purchased a replacement cost endorsement with a $250 deductible, you now get a replacement laptop valued at two gr and for the cost of your deductible.

Finally, consider this alternative: call you agent now to find out these details. Don’t wait until a thief makes the call necessary.

Renters Insurance – A Must Have for Renters

Are you currently renting an apartment? If this is the case, and you don’t have renters insurance, you are making a very big mistake. Not only is it a “must-have” in terms of insurance, it is quite inexpensive.

The Basics of Renters Insurance

Simplicity is one strength of renters insurance. As opposed to the complications of insuring a house – as well as the cost – insuring your apartment property is rather straightforward. Here are some common areas of coverage with renters insurance:

  • Personal property
  • Personal liability coverage
  • Relocation assistance (if you are forced to live somewhere else, permanently/temporarily)
  • Others, such as off-premise coverage and identify theft coverage, even

Note that you can choose to add on increased coverage, to give you even more protection. Even with some of the following, as we will find out, the price is still quite reasonable:

  • Replacement Cost Coverage: Your three-year old big-screen TV isn’t worth $900 anymore, but you do want a new big-screen TV.
  • Scheduled Personal Property: If the st andard limits for jewelry, fine arts  and furniture isn’t enough, for instance, you can add to it here.
  • Business Coverage: If you can run a business from your apartment, you’re probably not covered unless you add protection.

Benefits of Renters Insurance

Are you protected from theft, fire, or your neighbor’s leaky faucet? If you don’t have renter’s insurance, you could be in for an unfortunate surprise.

The necessity of renters insurance is thus seen in these instances. And note that while your l andlord should have insurance, it will certainly not protect you in many instances. In other words, living without renters insurance is rather dangerous.

It is all-the-more imperative due to its cost. When you compare it to home and auto insurance, for instance, renters insurance is a mere speck in the insurance world. The facts certainly prove this.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average premium runs as little as $15 – $30 a month. It is not common for a policy to run slightly less or more than $200. Even additions such as increased jewelry protection and identify theft coverage would l and a policy in the $300 – $400 range for a year (source).

Imagine the scenarios that could occur. Certainly, if you are a renter, renters insurance becomes an important policy to purchase. It could be the only thing that st ands between you and financial security for your items and your “home.”

Karl Susman, Susman Insurance Agency