Do Not Let Cancer Keep You From A Life Insurance Policy


Do Not Let Cancer Keep You From A Life Insurance Policy

There is no news so devastating as the doctor giving the diagnosis of leukemia, Liver cancer or lung cancer. You make an appointment to speak with your doctor about the awful fatigue and shortness of breath. After the doctor reviews you chest x-ray and blood work he drops the bomb, “You have stage two lung cancer.” You then give yourself a death wish. You immediately remember you have no life insurance.

Two months pass and you continue your chemotherapy. You are doing well with some lung improvement seen. However, there has been no improvement in your endeavors to purchase a life insurance policy. Once this terminal diagnosis was written into your medical record, you are told it is doubtful you can get a life insurance policy. With a lung cancer diagnosis, it has put you into a high-risk health category. This same would be true for liver cancer and leukemia.

Don't let cancer prevent you from getting the life insurance you need.
Don’t let cancer prevent you from getting the life insurance you need.

Eight more months pass and so has all indications of the lung cancer found nearly one year before. The doctor is calling you a cancer survivor, however, life insurance companies you have called still see you as a high risk.

Never let a life insurance tell you, you can never get life Insurance due to a medical history of lung cancer. There are numerous life insurance companies who will structure a life insurance policy around your needs and budget. Remember that life insurance is available for everyone regardless of past or present medical history.

Remember that with new technologies in the medical arena many people are fighting cancer diagnoses and are winning the battle. You can also win the battle for just the right life insurance policy at the right budget.

Rejected for Life Insurance

Recently I received a great testimonial from a client, Julian Aston.  He was having difficulties obtaining Life Insurance and came to me for assistance. He was told by many agents that he was uninsurable and may never be able to get life insurance!  Ridiculous I said, and I was able to get him a great policy at a great price. Here are Julian’s exact words:

Due to some unexpected, difficult health issues in recent years, I struggled to find some life insurance protection for my family..until I came to Karl Susman for some advice and direction. Karl not only provided me with some insightful recommendations, he was also able to secure the life insurance I was told I would not be able to obtain…maybe for the rest of my life. Perhaps needless to say, I would recommend Karl to anyone seeking an expert for life insurance, and if you have health difficulties like myself, don’t even bother looking around…Karl is your agent!

Julian Aston

Julian, it was a pleasure working with you and I’m glad I could help!

Karl Susman