A ‘No Medical Physical Life Insurance Policy’ Can be a Lifesaver


A ‘No Medical Physical Life Insurance Policy’ Can be a Lifesaver

Many people put off getting life insurance. There are a lot of reasons why. One that tops the list is because of the full medical physical we think we have to take. Squeamishly, our minds ration why we keep putting it off. Usually it comes down to dreading the needle that takes our blood, finding out we gained weight or we just hate to go to the doctors.

No physicals needed

What happens if you are at a parade and one of the large character balloons burst? It falls and covers your body. You are slowly suffocating. As you are, you realize you never obtained life insurance for your family. This may sound silly but weirder things have caused deaths.

Most of us do not even know that we can obtain a life insurance policy without a physical. Now-a-days, it is a myth to think otherwise. One of the most important benefits of going this route is that it can usually be approved in about 24 hours. There will be no more financial worries. Your loved ones will be taken care of if something happens to you in the future.

Questions that will be asked

Some health questions will be asked. None of them will require checking your doctor’s records. As with any insurance policy, the rate or the cost of the insurance will be derived from certain things that you write on your application.

It is easy to acquire quotes from insurance carriers before your final decision is made. Making a decision sooner than later can be a life saver for your family.