No More 9-5


No More 9-5

Our lives change daily and sometimes super-fast and dramatically. It isn’t as ‘easy’ as it was back in the day. The 9-5 lifestyle of the man working and the woman at home has changed. Yes, it still happens, but it is not as common as it once was. It has become more common for both parents to work outside the home, because of the increase in the cost of living and the need to cover all expenses. Trying to cover basic needs can be overwhelming. Keeping a roof over your head, gas in the car and food in the fridge is a herculean task in itself, let alone trying to afford private school tuition for your kids or paying off college loans or even simply building up the savings account so you can cover unexpected costs like repairs for your car.

Imagine if you didn’t have all the income you needed to cover all your expenses. Imagine of you were suddenly left without the second income – or worse, left without your spouse due to a sudden and unexpected death. The stress of thinking how hard that would be on your loved ones is why we talk so often about the importance of having a life insurance policy that will support your family when you die. There is a lot of comfort in knowing your family won’t have to struggle through a financial mess, that your kids will be taken care of, that your small business will still survive.

There are plenty of options when it comes to your life insurance. We offer a very personalized service – as personalized as you want. Whether you speak to use directly purchase online, we hope you get a life insurance policy sooner rather than later.


Dan Claus: Both Parents Now

[youtube][/youtube]Dan and his insurance agent tell the story of Peggy Claus, a woman “fun” to be with, a businesswoman specializing in computers, the mother of two sons, and a woman of determination who happened to love an old Victorian house worthy of Atwater Village too. In 2000, when Peggy asked their agent about more life insurance for Dan, he made the point that she was the primary breadwinner in the household. Her life insurance amount was doubled to take the couples’ income contributions into account. Two year later, Peggy was diagnosed with breast cancer and treated. After a short remission, the disease returned and she died in early 2005. Her life insurance sustains her legacy and what she loved: her sons and their plans for college, her husb and’s welfare and the home she was so determined to renovate.


Missy’s Resilence

[youtube][/youtube]Missy is a young, slender 26-year old teacher engaged to be married. Her mainn changes throughout the interview from helpless to happy and accomplished as she relates her difficult transition from teen to young adult. She describes her first introduction to insurance as upon her father’s death when she was 19-years old and the assistance it provided her and her mother. Two years later, Missy’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and died despite treatment. Missy’s parents’ life insurance policies allowed her to complete college to become an elementary school teacher. Additional money in the form of a trust has allowed her to purchase her first home: a reasonable condo as opposed to a Sunset Hills showpiece. Missy has used the policies’ funds wisely and toward the goals that her parents had in mind when purchasing the policies.