Despite All Precautions


Despite All Precautions

Joe Tyler sits with his young daughter at his side with the scenery of their rural farm in Leona Valley as a backdrop. She is perhaps four years old and shy of the camera. Joe — dressed in a casual shirt and shorts — is hard to envision as a high-powered international trade analyst, the career he once pursued eighty hours a week. Joe’s wife Caroline was a similarly employed executive in another field. Together, they led a very lucrative and busy life. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, Joe and Caroline each purchased a life insurance policy to care for their newborn in the event of a tragedy. It was closer than they imagined. Caroline was diagnosed with cancer and died soon after.

The benefits of Caroline’s policy allowed Joe to raise his daughter instead of delegating her care to a nanny. He has been able to make the necessary changes to be a true parent to his child in the aftermath of this tragedy.